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Just about everyone loves all of the social networking sites that have sprouted up within the last few years. I am not going to say that they are evil, but I recommend that people in a marriage watch their steps around such platforms. I agree that whoever created these sites must be a genius and I’m not going to mention any of these social networking names, but I am going to stress the necessity of caution for any married couple. Continue reading and you will understand why I am stressing this point.

Why would anyone say this? First, these sites can open the door to distrust among partners. Usually the social networking sites allow people to meet with friends or ex boyfriends/girlfriends from long ago. This is all fine and dandy, but it just might cause a little animosity towards your significant other. I am sure you are thinking that I am just being paranoid. Maybe I am and maybe I am not! I have heard many couples who have forbidden their significant other from allowing them to make contact with their exes while using social networking sites. I have even heard instances where an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend has contacted a spouse via a social networking site. Often the other partner may feel betrayed and even the slightest amount of distrust can harm a marriage especially one that is already in jeopardy. In other words, I am only abducting a slight amount of caution when using social networking sites. Even the strongest level of trust can be weekend by a single incident. It could often take years to rebuild that trust. Trust is very important in any marriage. Marriages tend to fall apart when there is no trust.

Another important issue with social networking sites is that they take away what little time a married couple has together. So many people are absorbed into these sites that they lose track of time. Time is always very important in a relationship. Every couple needs a certain amount of time together to hold that relationship together and to hopefully grow that relationship. For me it can be frustrating to find my spouse glued to the computer while using a social networking site. Unfortunately, these sites tend to lower productivity at home; not to mention at work. It’s always good to keep in touch with friends and family, but there are better more constructive ways to do so. There are even ways that your significant other can also be included in. Always try to include your significant other into what you are doing. In the long run this will prevent any hurt feelings toward one another. In conclusion, be careful when using social networking sites while in a relationship.


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