Better Sex Radio Top Fifty Talkers: Frontier Fifty

Better Sex Radio Top Fifty Talkers: Frontier Fifty

Article by Chrystal Bougon

Top 50 Talkers – Frontier Fifty – Top Talkers in Internet Radio: BetterSexRadio userby Chrystal B, 5 hours 35 minutes ago Post a Comment Read More from This Author » Report Abuse Hey Shine Friends!

I wanted to share some really cool news about Blissconnection.com and our “Better Sex Radio” show!Yours truly, Miss Bliss, has been included on a list of the Top 50 Talkers on Talkers.com! Woo hoo.

We just launched our Better Sex Radio show Feb. 4th and now this! As you might guess, we love talking about sex and helping people all over the U.S. talk about how to use romance products to improve your marriage, sex life, intimacy, dating, and relatioships. If you would like to hear some podcasts of our BETTER SEX shows, you can hear the podcasts at http://www.WSRadio.com/BetterSexRadio or on iTunes.com.

Here is a link to the “Frontier Fifty” list…we are on the list with Adam Corolla, Johnny Dam, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Dr. Laura Schlesinger. WOW. I am sure they are not thrilled, but oh well. The universe is ready for Better Sex. Everyone wants to have better sex, right. Even the very RIGHT and the RED states.

Here is the Top 50 list link: http://bliss-radio.com/50-top-talkers-in-internet-radio-frontier-fifty/

The Frontier Fifty is an alphabetical list of 50 talk “acts” consisting of a wide variety of hosts, teams and shows representing a cross section of the important pioneering work taking place in the burgeoning world of internet talk media.This list marks an evolutionary milestone: the transition from pop culture being dominated by AM/FM/VHF/UHF (“terrestrial”) during the second half of the 20th century to the emerging internet media’s (“stickless”) reign over the first half of the 21st –– already a decade underway.Considering the fact that there are thousands of talk media webcasting shows in America, inclusion on this list is a tremendous accomplishment and testimony to your talent and hard work.This list, along with an accompanying article by TALKERS magazine publisher Michael Harrison, will be read by all of the important professionals in the radio industry as well as key decision makers outside the business who are interested in obtaining a thumbnail overview of what is happening in talk media webcasting.As with other lists compiled by TALKERS magazine, many talk show hosts’ careers have moved into a faster track, and they are in greater demand for print interviews, speaking engagements, syndication opportunities and television guest appearances.TALKERS magazine makes the Frontier Fifty available to the world beyond its subscribers by presenting it online as a featured section of the publication’s popular website with links to each individual broadcasting website. This provides the people and companies interested in learning more about the hosts for the aforementioned opportunities with even more information they seek.We have provided the official “Frontier Fifty: 2009” graphic, below, to use on your website. You can add this image to your page and link it to http://talkers.com/online/?p=542. This web link brings you to the Frontier Fifty list hosted on the TALKERS magazine website — an excellent way of showcasing your inclusion on this list of outstanding talk media webcasters.

WOW is all I have to say. I LOVE sharing with all of you here on my blog and on the radio. We are just too excited and wanted to share with all of your SHINERS!:)

Blissfully, Chrystal

p.s. Don’t forget about my MISSION – http://www.FreeSilverBullet.com Stop Faking Orgasms and Just Have One!

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