Better Marketing and Service Learn in MBA Program

Better Marketing and Service Learn in MBA Program

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In general, graduates of a degree program in Hospitality and Tourism has many options available to them. You can go on the trip, restaurant and catering services, electronic commerce, the high places of life, cruise lines, casino operations and gaming, the list is long and growing.

Larry Yu George Washington agrees. Indeed, technology is a key element of its program, particularly how it can lead to better marketing and service. The specific courses to technology also help students understand the consequences of using Web resources to maintain relationships with customers and use social networks as marketing tools.

“There is growing so much going on across the region,” said Brad Cornell Walp “Whether you talk about the provision of accommodation, restaurants although the game because the game is growing in leaps and bounds in places like Macao and Singapore. “

Knowing this, Cornell offers a dual degree program with Nanyang University in Singapore. Students divide their time between campus Cornell Ithaca and Singapore. This allows students to literally put your foot in the door of the giant Asian hospitality.

The Cornell-Nanyang program emphasizes the international character of the hotel industry and university programs. But in all areas, enrollment in hospitality and tourism related programs are usually quite international control. At George Washington, most graduates end up staying and working in Washington DC, but others are in remote parts of the world, from Beijing to Bangkok.

One advantage is to the extent that you can work anywhere in the world, because people need hotels, restaurants and casinos throughout the world. If it is true that working internationally is not exactly the same as having a long holiday international experience can certainly be rewarding, exciting and profitable.But this all sounds like liberal, employers are looking for graduates in particular their experience in the MBA program emphasizes the social and environmental issues?

“Not yet,” said Mackness. “We believe we are a couple of years away from companies really appreciate it, and something that MBA students can do is ask more questions of companies in the interview process on sustainability and corporate social responsibility “.

Silver agrees that MBA graduates have an important role in pushing the big companies in the sense of responsibility.

“This is a generation that wants to be a social impact,” says Silver. “Company management consultancy should take more profits and public clients to attract the next generation of management consultants.”

Guided by the objectives of the next generation of business leaders, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit and business-oriented courses can do a lot of the value of the creative atmosphere generated by the students as if the teaching faculty.

“The Student Union is unreal,” Laura Vogel celebrates his cohort of Oxford said. “They are so fascinating, and there’s so much going on.”

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