Best social networking apps

This video covers four different types of social networking applications: Tweetdeck – www.tweetdeck.com Hootsuite – http Wasabi (by Netvibes) – wasabi.netvibes.com Ping.fm www.ping.fm
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  1. t7vi says:


  2. kushan86 says:

    lol he wont 😀

  3. Theminecraftplayerdd says:

    Now they need one for Google+.

  4. SocialVideoable says:

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  5. ChristineHueber says:

    Posted your video on my blog … would you be interested in doing a guest post? Thanks!

  6. SEwalkman752 says:

    C’mon, who uses MySpave nowdays??

  7. NotQuiteButQuiet says:


  8. TDBSheila1 says:

    Your video is most helpful. As someone who is relatively new to Social Media, I shall continue to use it. Thank you for providing this teaching tool.

  9. brendakeyhoe says:

    Thanx for the info, found it very interesting. Look forward to hearing more, really helps people discover that there is more applications that will enhance people social networking experience.

  10. VirtualAssistantInc says:

    I’m using hootsuite to manage my multiple twitter accounts. Will probably try ping.fm since it’s more flexible. Thanks! 🙂


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  12. techben505 says:

    Weeblys my favorite.

  13. MustafaVideocast says:

    can i have an invite to netvibes ?? ma email is mustafaq97@hotmail.com !! thanx in advance !!

  14. mariosunshinefaan says:

    to make thigns moving on the screen, do you use adobe flash or anything similar?? i have probably no clue of what i’m talking about 🙁

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  18. FLO4W says:

    I’m using TweetDeck because of this video! Thanks Gigafide!

  19. SahantvChannel says:

    Use Digsby too,it’s free and easy.It does the same thing too

  20. SahantvChannel says:

    he use Adobe After Effects

  21. TheMegagamer530 says:

    thanks man that tweet deck will come in handy

  22. cmcommercial says:

    great tips. your video saved me 10 minutes of searching and reading.

    what editor did you use to make it?

  23. kaiserleon says:


  24. RockersofUltraviolet says:

    This vid is awesome

  25. Shaggy19872 says:

    which is da best one I wna no dat!!!!

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