Best Recruitments: Indian Army, Teaching Industry, Banks

Best Recruitments: Indian Army, Teaching Industry, Banks

Article by Radhika Sinha

India has made considerable improvement in the last few years. Its GDP has increased at a commendable rate and continues to do so. This great success can be credited to the leading sectors of India, which have majorly contributed to the country’s growth. There are some sectors like the banking sector, the education system of India and the Indian Army which manage various areas and have excelled in the respective areas. One of the major reasons behind this is their stringent methods of recruitment. While good quality teacher recruitment is increasing the benchmark of education, the efficient bank recruitments have led to the high success of the banking sector. Most importantly, the best candidates are chosen in the Indian Army, who ensure our security and our country’s honor.Indian Army Recruitment: #Indian Army Recruitment is a very strict procedure. Before choosing any candidate to work for the much coveted posts of army officers, it is very essential to scrutinize their personality and test their academic intelligence. #The entry of officer’s into the Indian Army is by conducting National Defence Examination, or a combined defence exam (CDS) or Indian Army Engineering Graduate exam. #The chosen candidates are sent to the Indian Military Academy at Dehra Dun. Here they are trained with real equipments which help the candidates to face real life war situations.Bank Recruitment: #The banking industry, again, is a field dealing with confidential information and demands strictly professional and trustworthy candidates. It is important to adopt a tough procedure so that only the most capable candidates are recruited. #Recruitment is done through an exam followed by an interview. IBPS, which is one of the best recruiters of the banking sector, has introduced the common written exam. #CWE is a common exam and will recruit candidates on a large basis. 19 well known banks are involved which will recruit for posts like bank po and bank clerk.

Teacher Recruitment: #The Education System of our country is still way behind the other developing countries. Thus, the government is making every possible measure to recruit the best teachers, who will ensure high quality education to its students. #After the Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) passed in 2009, there has been a great demand for teachers; however the government is not ready to compromise on quality. #The CTET has been introduced thus, to ensure the candidates with highest caliber are chosen. It is a central Teacher Eligibility Test which will be like a common entrance exam for all aspiring teachers.An efficient recruitment in the Indian Army, field of teaching or Bank has led to the leading success in all these major fields of career. All these fields, manage specific areas which are vital for our country’s growth and the welfare of its people.

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