“Being Happy is Magnetic!” [no. 18]

Day 18: “I Feel Insecure: Letting Go Of My Little Monster” ONE take. UNedited. I talk about stevie wonder, drinking water out of jars, my beautiful mama, my sassy scorpio grandma, kundalini, law of attraction and pain as your friend. In joy! 😉 xoxox And the beautiful Journey continues . . .
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  1. AkuaAuset says:

    Thank you Angel! :)

  2. AkuaAuset says:

    Wow! That is so profound and honest. Thanks for taking the time to share and keep watchin’. I’m/we’re right here with you. Let’s have fun with it! …frolicking naked while we heal. 🙂

  3. brownballerina03 says:

    I have been shying away from watching these videos. I’ll start watching then turn it off. I realize it’s because this is so my journey right now and I am afraid to change though my knower knows it’s going happen with or without my permission. All that to say thank you. Thank you!

  4. MJayB26 says:

    Whatever you appreciate, appreciates. Wow. Another really great video.

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