Behind the scenes of building an electric car – The journey

Follow us on a journey of the successes and dissapointments that were tse_10. Team Swinburne Electric 2010, AKA tse_10, was the first year a group of Swinbur…
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  1. WickedTRX says:

    Everybody knows that electronics run on Magic Smoke, and once that Magic
    Smoke is out you can’t put it back in!

  2. Kiger Stang says:

    I would not suggest this. Someone could have gotten seriously hurt. Buy
    trusted components that are approved and regulated. Motors, Drives,
    batteries. This is the kind of stuff that forces the government to
    over-regulate, making everything more expensive for everyone. I suspect the
    government is already going to require inspections very soon on all EVs
    prior to being able to be licensed. And this is the reason.
    Great passion… Just very haphazard. Safety should come first. 

  3. Titan_Craft says:

    led fans lol

  4. Jacob Kearton says:

    well done, that’s a great job and kind of inspirational

  5. Rino Marton says:
  6. Hugues Marceau says:


  7. Arnis Tarassu says:


  8. Alexander Novaes says:


  9. subcooledheatpump says:

    2:56 I’ve been there a few times.. Read your post on DIYelectriccar forums
    about those controllers, what a bad deal

  10. PaulAndMuttley says:

    Nice video. I know about the frustrations and diappointment of having
    things blow up. But I’m surprised that a commercial motor controller would
    not be better protected from overloads and short circuits in the motor, and
    it also seems strange that insufficient inductance would cause such
    failures. A motor control should survive a bolted short.

  11. jess hiller says:

    8 minutes of video and I didnt learn anything about any journey

  12. Karla Jordan says:

    Only having to recharge the battery once and then the wheels charge it up
    due to movement like the windmill…It goes on into infinity..not the
    current 89 miles before replugging it in. The plug is plugged into the

  13. ka7wyf says:

    so u make a vid of a electric car but show u guys more often then the car??

  14. blazterreck says:

    very good

  15. fricik1987 says:

    We had one production controller (supplied with motor) blown as well,
    second (the same) survived only due to self protection of power module and
    finally we had to develop our own that is working well. The development
    costs us next one module. I totally understand the pain caught in this

  16. ilLUZiiVe says:

    wow your legs would be fucked if you crashed

  17. UZI9MMAUTO says:

    We are looking at probably the LAST generation to be able to understand
    about REAL basic electronics without a computer only. If most of those
    people there cant name every part on those PC boards- its worse than I

  18. fricik1987 says:

    We had the same problem – manufacturers of motor and controller
    were…doing mistakes. Because of this we had to give up our first electric
    season 2011 and drive the car for the first time in 2012. Great work guys,
    keep it up. Ondrej from CTU CarTech Electric team

  19. plumbix88 says:

    Congratulations guys! The drivers egress is a bit problematic, but all in
    all you did a good job.

  20. Jason Whittle says:

    Nice arm bar at 1:08! Hahahaha.

  21. qwertyuiopasdfgh10 says:

    Good job guys… keep up.. 🙂

  22. juanucho75 says:

    buen trabajo muchachos… se ve que le pucieron ganas

  23. MrStiive says:

    @ak7wyf Video is about behind the scenes of making the car, not the actual

  24. daniel barrios says:

    no aportaste nada con tu video de mierda

  25. saheishshan says:

    minarik motor pwm drive?

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