Beginnners Guide on How To Get To The Mun in Kerbal Space Program

I did some math to figure out exactly when I should boost into a trans munar injection orbit, and then realised that there’s an easy visual cue that anyone can use to help them reach the Mun…
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  1. Silixtu Hibiski says:

    That speech is so cool that I wish Apollo 11 would’ve failed. Is that bad?
    Oh, whatever, fuck ’em. 

  2. Sky Render says:

    This video really shows its age now, not only in the version of the game
    being so ancient, but also in the advice Scott gives. Some of it remains
    sound enough, but 1.) it’s better to do transfer and landing burns at high
    thrust rates to get the most out of the Oberth Effect (which he
    acknowledges in later videos), and 2.) the worst way to land on an airless
    body is to go straight down (which he also acknowledges in later videos).
    If you’re looking for advice on how to get to the Mun, check his more
    recent tutorial videos!

  3. PunchAttack! says:

    I always get to the fucking moon, but I slam right into it each time. After
    I lightly land on the moon, I might be considering landing on Minmus, maybe
    even interplanetary travel.

  4. Ravenslice says:

    1:55 and turn speed down to 0.5 XD

  5. derpy153 says:

    I just love how bob acted like someone just died while Jebediah ignored
    everything and just laughed

  6. Ben quemp says:

    i watched literally 3 mins of this, up to expanding apogee to a mun
    encounter, i literally ignored the first half and the entire second half of
    the video,and only paid attention to about 30 secs making a moon encounter
    was all i cared about, ill sort the rest for myself later, thats how i
    taught myself to dock, first time ive ever landed on the moon and by that
    it collided me into it, well done scott manly, you have taught me how to
    get stuff to the moon now ill figure out how to not die while doing it, but
    thank you still for the most informative 30 secs worth of information of my
    gaming life

  7. Scott Elliott says:

    Total waste of 8 minutes, taught me nothing as I’m already great at
    stranding Kerbals on the Mun :(…………………. What I’d like to know
    is how you get all 3 Kerbal heads at the bottom of the screen? I only have
    the pilot.

  8. Watermark0n says:


    Were you not paying attention to your thrust?

  9. Kaleb Sagehorn says:

    Hey, Scott. Do you mind sending me the Math? Want to see this for myself.


  10. Volcanix says:

    thanks helped a lot :)

  11. tbfrustaci says:

    Having fun watching your pre-historic videos. The explosion effect looked
    way cooler back then at 6:40

  12. Ljubisa Ilic says:

    I was so close to mun cople time without eny guidance just after i left
    earth atnosfere i pointed my rocket to the mun.Thing is i cudnd land bc mun
    was allweys faster then me no mather what i did or try LOL

  13. Chris Ownage says:

    how to I orbit ? I cant even go outside the atmosphere cuz of the path.

  14. Gareth Crispin says:

    man, you’re talking about them as if they’re dead… they survived the
    landing… rescue mission! :)

  15. Nuggetzor says:

    That was so beautiful

  16. SoulBug4203 says:

    i cant move when im near moon i cant spin or anything (im in orbit with the

  17. Flame MC says:

    8:26 Spelled Jebediah wrong.

  18. Vince Brannon says:

    agree with you there with the heartbeat racing :)

  19. Univeяsal Pяoductions™ says:

    @piraters Every time you download a pirated copy of a game, you make huge
    losses to the person/corporation who made the game.

  20. 4328jordan says:

    I can never time it right but if I do I go near the moon but I always pass

  21. Eric Zaba says:

    u just earned a sub. this was marvelous!

  22. KrazyKommieKiller says:

    Sometime I almost miss the old days of KSP, were landing on the Mun was an
    almost insurmountable challenge for your layman player.

  23. Drew .Burjek says:

    Wow i remember when this game so so hard!

  24. gmodpenguin24 says:

    Yea no. Still gonna pirate because I really cant care, they do not need a
    business to make a game or any huge cooperation or crap like that, if you
    make a game just for money its gonna be crap and some make awesome games
    then they get lazy and just want cash, what happens next look at call of
    duty, copy past, copy past.

  25. Bwaffle315 says:


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