Be a successful social media advertiser

Be a successful social media advertiser

Social media is the place to have conversations. From discussing from what the next episode from a famous sitcom would have to have a series of brand related critique. Social media offers to its users a platform where they relax and say what’s on their mind. It’s almost like having a best friend! Such a place would (quite obviously) be a target for entrepreneurs, marketers and advertisers who want to go beyond the traditional what’s what of the industry, because its much like a baby job to build a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. That’s right, social media is the place to be when you WANT people to talk about you and your brand, because the “socialites” love to do that.

Although much of the savvy online marketers will always have their brand image in their mind, there are a few pointers that tend to skip the minds of many. Here’s a list of some tips which might make an advertising campaign/marketing activity on the social media platform better.

1. Appeal to them


Always remember that the customers clicking on a social media advertisement or commenting or liking on your profile are there only because you connect to them. Appeal to them by using interesting names, call-to-action copy and target the required audience with stuff that relates to them.

2. Measure your success

Yes. The customer is important. But what is more important is the measurement of the return on investment on the social media. Although some people say it is impossible to measure it, but none of us should really stop at that. Once you run an ad on the social media platform, consciously start keeping a track of the increase sales, and the online chitter-chatter about you. This will also ensure that your advertisement is reaching the right audience.

3. Know your customer

Though this may sound like a given, its actually the depth that you should get into as a marketer. Not only should you know the demographics and psychographics of whoever you are targeted to, but also how they actually relate to your brand. This helps in developing stronger relationships with your customer and in turn loyalty for your brand.

4. Surrogate Marketing

Let’s face it. The basic motive of all these campaigns and ads is to create a strong visibility online for the audience that we are targeting to. With campaigns which directly talk about the brand, a smart way is to also indulge into activities which provide surrogate marketing. Many social media platforms give us the benefit to device interesting applications which can be used for constant interaction with the customer. It can be anything that the consumer relates to, is fun and the most effective way of making your brand seen on the World Wide Web.

The internet has become a new place to experiment for marketers and advertisers. And rightly so, since this is a powerful arena for reaching out to the mass audience, whilst being economical. Despite the fact that social media is yet to overtake the possibilities of the other mediums of advertising, social media is proving to be a place which is information oriented, entertaining and equally monetizing.

Ricky P is a well known name in the arena of social media optimization and online reputation management. He has been a regular article contributor to various international online media forums. His articles and opinions have been widely accepted as the point of reference for respective subject matter.

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