Barclays Corporate Recruitment Video – Amazing!

The most exciting video I’ve come across, showing that For jobs in Finance & Banking – Checkout http://www.avrec.co.uk/jobs. Barclay’s clearly want to get th…

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  1. Ana LeadingSolutions says:

    No words!

  2. InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

    That was an interesting way to advertise for new employees. I would think it would be more effective to include some information about the company and the potential the new employees could achieve by working there.

  3. TFGtv2 says:

    Barclays? Oh! YOU mean the organised criminals who are at the centre of some of the UK’s worst financial scandals? Yes; I can see how kidnapping would fit right into their corporate strategy.

  4. thegreatsky2011 says:

    hahaha!!! purag magic man ….pero have good meaning.

  5. Bobzeedo says:

    If you want to succeed in banking read “The Banker Who Saved His Soul” – it’ll give you an inside look and perspective that will make a difference in your career.

  6. doubts says:

    Barclays Casino

  7. doubts says:

     Well said !

  8. omanintlarpt says:

    It’s a shame too, they could be building bridges or curing cancer instead.

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