Barbie Figueroa Gets Insider Secrets from (Daegan Smith) of Power Prospecting…

This is a short Testimonial for Daegan Smith, a Pioneer in the MLM Industry who has created Breatkhrough Training Courses and CD’s and the Person Responsible for Inspiring the Confidence in me to Re-Try Google Adwords After my Initial Failure with it. If you don’t know Daegan, He has Generated well over 000 a Month, and has built multiple Downlines of over 3000 people, his latest downline was like Crazy, 15000 people! Make sure to visit his site at www.daegansmith.com you can definitely learn a few things from this Incredible Guy! Thanks Daegan. What a Priveledge and honor to have you in my Network.

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  1. da3gan says:

    That Daegan guy must´╗┐ be pretty darn cool! ­čÖé

    To the top,


  2. dude04345 says:

    Love this video Barbie – You can truly feel your energy in this testimonial.

    -´╗┐ Jason

  3. jaimemorales1977 says:

    Awesome testimonial Barbie and I agree, Mr. Smith´╗┐ is off the hook..

    Jaime Morales

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