Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2.

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  1. SuperDazzio says:

    Obama won

  2. mamoutheater says:

    obama won

  3. Bill Paternoster says:

    Teenge mutant ninja turtles v power puff girls

  4. jeff johnson says:

    abe ad obama

  5. Tamás Kapi says:

    Chrome already won.

  6. mnegmi98 says:

    Spider Man (old) Vs Spider Man (new)

  7. dylan kendall says:


  8. MossPowerify says:

    I think it has to be two persons. 🙂

  9. Alen Hadzi-Pesic says:

    HAH you guys had obama own mitt. good times.

  10. elizabeth hamilton says:

    i would say barock obama lol 3 times lol

  11. emoeeveerainbownova says:

    1 direction vs. the beatles

  12. armyofzack says:

    Abe and eagle vs. Mit and obama

  13. framar601 says:

    Lincoln won xD

  14. koromoj says:

    Obama ®®

  15. FlySpyGuy says:

    Posted this in a debate between supporters of both sides. It was pretty funny.

  16. therobloxslush says:

    obviously eagle won

  17. Benjamin Fickel says:


  18. TheMercSurviver says:


  19. Matthew Ramsey says:

    Voltron crew vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crew

  20. FreedomLiberty21 says:

    Obama had it, right up until Abe XD

  21. tekakaroboy says:

    You’re like a head of cabbage. 😛

  22. Ian McRay says:

    mitt romney

  23. Merhianblade says:

    Repunzel vs Polamalu

  24. sofia luda says:


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