24 Replies to “Balancing The Masculine & Feminine For Increased Success”

  1. Great points Katie! There is so much truth in the harmony of the masculine and feminine. Having researched it pretty intently over the last few years. I have even incorporated it into my coaching practice!!!

  2. Your insight on this subject is dead on… awesome vibe here! Balance is the key to true peace and harmony within, which leads to inner strength… keep shinin’ your light, namaste!

  3. It is like yin and yang – daoism. They work in cycles, and as one increases the other wanes, and as one wanes the other increases. It is not a static relationship. I feel that this is very useful advice. I think humans operate in cycles as well (probably the whole universe is like a giant sin wave).

  4. That cat is so sweet. Please do upload video of him while he’s growing. I would love to see how he matures of the year.

  5. Thanks Katie for another helpfull video but I must say: it was difficult to stay focused on what you were saying with this adorable little guy wlaking around ^^

  6. Totally agree about balancing the Masculine and Feminine. That’s a message that keeps coming up for me lately as well. I also think Romeo would be a cute name for your new kitty! 🙂

  7. You’re definitely growing on me… What I really love about you is that while you present quality information with openness and friendliness, I feel like I’m picking up on a different side of you too – the side of you that will snap and slam your foot down, not put up with anything, flip out. I’m glad that exists in you because otherwise you’d be missing half, you know? It’s just something I’ve always noticed but never knew how to say. Anyways, awesome video, it’s much appreciated. =)

  8. hi katie!
    you remain evergreen & attractive 🙂
    i thought from your email that you got a child out of wedlock 🙁
    so, you got a good friend indeed 😀
    have good time with your kitty, be happy!

  9. It’s been a few months Katie since I’ve connected here with you. You always seem to inspire and connect with me well. Thank you for your incredible energy and enthusiasm.

  10. Don’t call him Romeo…the other cats will pay him out big time! He will love you forever and ever if you give him a tougher name…something that carries a bit of cat street cred 😀

  11. Thanks Katie for reminding me to stay balanced and to have enough “time-out” time.

    Glad you got a cute kitty… I think you should have in in your videos more 🙂

    Gideon Shalwick

  12. Awesome Video Kattie.
    Really fascinating topic, can relate to it 100% 🙂

    I’ve stumbled upon this topic many times in my research, in enlightenment and topics related. Never really thought much of it till now.
    I could say I’m quite balanced.. Really balanced when I think about it.
    Espeically in the past months or so, converting to vegetarianism and much more.

    Thanks for bring back this topic into my consciousness.

    Love the KITTEH! 🙂
    Should totally go with the name you want!

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