Awesome US ARMY Recruiting Commercial

Complete pwnage.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ricardo luna butler says:

    river coLorado to one…
    free women!!!
    free pride!!!
    Awesome US ARMY Recruiting Commercial´╗┐

  2. nec3dg says:

    us army rly kick ass

  3. jonkauffman says:

    british army is better? LOL thats why we pushed those bastards out of our
    country years ago when they were defeated hmm.

  4. stuckintherain says:

    I love this commercial so much XD

  5. otoot kol says:

    Americans are the BEST !!!!!!!!!

  6. blair9123 says:


  7. Mr MaxxuM says:

    LoL… I want to rejoin the 82nd Abn now :))

  8. barfoman says:

    I like this video. I served in Iraq in Desert Storm as a Combat Engineer.
    This commercial is real.

  9. Deus Tecum says:

    nice music, it clashes with the message

  10. sparrowman says:

    Great Video i love that part NOTHING STRONGER AND THATS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LankDogEd says:

    As an aussie, i gotta say, its good to have you fellas as our mates…
    fewf, too bad for those damn arabs though…

  12. Adam Osman says:

    What is the name of this song? Thanks.

  13. otoot kol says:

    greatest army in the world : USA !!! cant wait till i move to america fuck
    germany stupid country!!

  14. gonepostal2007 says:

    God those were the days.. !!!

  15. tom tos says:

    wow so nice……how many months for basic training ?????

  16. PeteIncomplete says:

    They forgot to inform what the job is actually about thou..

  17. Jason Wentworth says:

    asian pride!

  18. dabrega1 says:

    This is a phenomenal video, but I love the song, does anyone know what it

  19. childconscript says:

    Thats an awesome ad. . .like the bit at the end even though im going into
    the NZ army that makes US army look kick ass

  20. agentgordon27 says:

    sure isn’t! It’s actually a question when you join on some of the paperwork
    “are you a u.s. citizen”. they don’t turn away aliens. also there’s a
    program to expediate citizenship for aliens who serve in the military.

  21. anc876 says:

    Why switch over and have to go through basic twice? You’ll have to do USMC
    boot, but if you join the Marines first, their boot camp will suffice if
    you want to transfer to the other services.

  22. Arcto says:


  23. Jonathan M says:

    I get goosebumps watching this video. I can’t wait to join. I am hoping to
    go in as a Chaplain Assistant, go through Airborne School, and possibly go
    to Ranger School someday. Hooah!!!

  24. JordanIB says:

    lmao totally random…

  25. EPsuperFan says:

    great ad. The people who made it is obviously strong.

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