Away We Happened – Ep 1

Ep 2: youtu.be Ep 3: youtu.be Ep 4: youtu.be Ep 5: youtu.be “Away We Happened” is a new and unique web series where you help decide what happens! Wong Fu Productions (Wes, Ted, and Phil) has teamed up with AT&T and their friends Victor Kim and Jen FrmHeadToToe for this one of a kind project! Subscribe to youtube.com and be sure to check back each week to join the story as it unfolds! Produced and Directed by Wong Fu Productions youtube.com Featuring Victor youtube.com Jen youtube.com Ki Hong Lee twitter.com Music by Paul Dateh youtube.com Featured song: “This is a Way” by David Choi youtu.be Get your own Awkward Panda Keychain! areyouaniceguy.com SUBSCRIBE: youtube.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com TWITTER OFFICIAL: twitter.com TED FU: twitter.com WESLEY CHAN: twitter.com PHILIP WANG: twitter.com VICTOR KIM: twitter.com JEN FRMHEADTOTOE: twitter.com OFFICIAL: wongfuproductions.com STORE areyouaniceguy.com Featured Products HTC One X clk.atdmt.com Nokia Lumia clk.atdmt.com Beats Earbuds clk.atdmt.com MOG App clk.atdmt.com

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  1. xJrockk says:

    His face ^_^

  2. jaispark27 says:

    I love your videos guys! You’re my inspiration to take film when I’m a freshman next year! ^_^

  3. Fing Ly says:

    Lol 2:04-2:10 look closely and u will see his hands holding the phone then a random finger click send … Lololol

  4. Chan Neou says:

    Uhhh I need coffee lol

  5. marissanlove says:

    Ahhhh REPLAY REPLAY “Blah Blah Blah Blah” Your the pushy guy behind! “I NEED COFEE!!!!!! XD

  6. Otikpeqz says:

    its so so good love it

  7. IceChocTea says:

    WTF. BlaBlaBlab

  8. TrALMAla says:

    Aaaghhhh I need coffee XD

  9. LeBelleDormante says:

    What’s the song playing at the beginning?

  10. tomoyovanessa9 says:

    sort of feels like a htc one x commercial xD i bought one after this video lol

  11. tomoyovanessa9 says:

    After watching this,,, i litterally bought one…IM RETARDED! *O*

  12. Sabrina Thai says:

    i love this so much ive watched it so many times straight through and i cant help but have a smile on my face. i know some people criticize the acting but honestly i think its perfect. the way its a little awkward, thats how real life is. the imperfections are what makes it perfect 🙂 love you wong fu and keep doing what youre doing :DD <3

  13. kkitssims says:

    1…2….3….ASIAN FACE!! XD

  14. NiiMgr says:

    frmheadtotoe 😮

  15. GeneralJames100 says:

    What’s the song in the Beginning??

  16. TheVeryBerrieLife says:

    Love all your short films sooo much!!!! So romantic and cute!!! We are newlyweds from NYC and we have a DAILY VLOG channel. It would be so amazing if you guys gave our videos a peak!!! Please thumbs up and give a relatively newcomer to YouTube a chance!! We are trying to hit 5K soon!!!

  17. Jie Chen says:


  18. BroTillTheEnd says:

    bla bla bla bla bla
    laughed so hard at that part

  19. fanny mendoza says:

    awwwwww i liked it 🙂

  20. reereh says:

    He’s hot ^_^

  21. r00cka2theBeat says:

    It didnt take that long to get to la from new york lol

  22. mirandachurch23 says:


  23. timoteocampa says:

    la rosa de guadalupe

  24. AndrewEntertainments says:

    After being on youtube for a while now, I know how much hate people can give to me when reading these kinds of comments but I think Wong Fu Production fans might be nicer.

    My dream is to be a film maker but i cant get into film school, and I just got 900 subs, which is pretty impressive to me, but I’ll never get noticed with these numbers.

    If someone would have the heart just to give this a thumbs up and spend all of 30 seconds watching a vid, it would mean the world. Thank you all

  25. Prechana Limgee says:

    You guys are cool!
    this is like my first time watching your videos and I was like why didn’t I know about WongFuProduction before!
    keep it up!

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