24 Replies to “Autonomy: An Important KEY To Creating Success”

  1. Love “The MLM Industry”or hate it, we have to admit that we need a change in the work place. Especially if you have a family, working for someone else does not support you ESPECIALLY in The USA.

  2. Great Video and so true. It took me a while but I have finally learned that I have all I need to be successful. I believe the most important quality to have is persistence. You can’t buy that in an eBook.
    You’re awesome Katie. Keep it up
    Zak Davis

  3. Awesome video Katie! I’m at the point in my life and business where I need to make the decision to be self-sufficient and sustain myself with my own self-belief & knowledge, I know that, and this video just helped clarify what I already knew, thanks! All the best.

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