Setting up WordPress blog free affiliate website for Dot Com Secrets X

In this video, I show installation and start up of a word press blog using a theme provide by russell brunson of Dot Com Secrets. This is part of the Dot Com Secrets X course and 30 Day challenge relating to a Self Liquidatiing offer, where you give something away to ethically bribe someone […]

Buyers Buyers everywhere you look to increase sales

Lesson #5 of 8: Buyers, Buyers Everwhere See the previous lessons first: Lesson #1: Lesson #2: Lesson #3: Lesson #4: Today I am going to keep it short and sweet! We have had some long emails the last couple days and I would rather have you out there generating traffic to […]

Membership List Traffic and Multiple streams of traffic for your website

Lesson #4 of 8: Valuable Traffic and sleeping well SO are you thinking, how do I come up with my own product in one night? (after reading yesterdays email (included below!) As I alluded to, it is not something that has to be epic, but something of value. As I was reminded through some audio’s […]

Traffic and your own product equals freedom from your job

Lesson #3 of 8: Freedom from your job Traffic + Your Own Product= Freedom from your Job When we last left off, I was letting you know how to take your traffic and grow it by factors with advertising co-ops. I have included both lessons #1 and #2 below, so you can leave comments Lesson […]

Advertising Co-Ops grow your traffic by factors

Lesson #2 of 8: Co-Ops grow your traffic by factors If you remember our previous post, we were talking about the right traffic and endorsed traffic. See the other message here: Getting your stuff on other peoples networks and having them do much of the work for you. So today we are going to […]

Endorsed free traffic to your website is like magic

Lesson #1 of 8: The Right Traffic This was just the beginning of what Daegan Smith shared with us on his recent webinar and I wanted to pass on some of this knowledge to you as well. There were a few lessons Daegan shared with us and the first one is the idea of “the […]

Multiple online learning methods [Part 3 of 3]

Ok, here goes… If you remember yesterday and the day before, I was talking about multiple ways to get your message across to your viewers. Reading the message… Watching a video on the message… Listening to an audio of the message… They all have their unique benefits and it might be good to mix them […]

What does a turd have to do with internet marketing?

I’m not a turd, you’re a turd! As a follow up to our previous discussion about my kids… “Dad, you have a long vagina!” I decided to go open the journal I received from some fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and reminisce. Now I need to take you back in time a little to give you […]

Dad, You have a long Vagina!

“Dad, you have a long vagina!” So that was what my then 4 year old daughter told me when I took her into the men’s room at the water park. Wow, kids do say the darndest things sometimes…. Hopefully you did not take offense to this! For me, the kids are what makes me do […]

Explosive Marketing Truths

Who do you trust online? As you might be just starting out your business development you can easily see that there is a lot a junk out there. If you have been online for a while, then you really know that there can be a lot of junk out there and people who may be […]