Augustana – “Shot In The Dark” Acoustic Live Performance for LP33

Augustana performs “Shot In The Dark”, an acoustic live performance exclusively for LP33. Catch this performance and more at lp33.tv
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. alternativewow says:

    He’s so handsome!!!!

  2. Zelosish says:

    Please make an acoustic album.

  3. MrAtephobia says:

    Don’t give up, my friend. You can survive this.

  4. backupcoolm3n says:

    I’m a guy, and his voice soothes me! In my opinion he has the best voice in music.

  5. pUnKrULeS91 says:

    his voice reminds me of Bob dylan’s somehow!

  6. Duarte332 says:

    OMFG!!! …. I JUST SHIT MY PANTS!!!!!!

  7. CapumOfOuttaSpace says:

    Even if he would just release acoustic albums I’d buy them all

  8. JMRt28 says:

    Love them!!!! So glad they’re not completely broken up!

  9. saintsandmortalssss says:


  10. zazabistoufly says:

    waou ! i love it ! an amazing song, awesome voice ! charismatic singer <3 augustana la France loves you so much !

  11. keeperkai999 says:

    what do you mean by Augustana is not over? did something happen to their band?

  12. Inhersundaybest says:

    Augustana is not still over. I always love you.

  13. samanthashaw1 says:

    Love you Dan!

  14. piggypals33 says:

    His voice is only slightly nasal sounding, which bothers me, but this is a beautiful song.

  15. evanstmartin says:


  16. vslay84 says:

    This song embodies everyone at some point in their life. AMAZEBALLS!


  17. vslay84 says:

    This song embodies everyone at some point in their life. AMAZEBALLS!

  18. 1plainaugustana says:

    :O omg that was ….lovely, wonderful , amazing, fantastic, excellent , outstanding, , impressing ,terrific , super, i can go all day but none of these words describe this
    LOVE IT <3

  19. Natalya08 says:

    They are amazing live! 🙂

  20. TheWil67 says:

    Waouh, Love Augustana ! The best band ever

  21. emlynissupercool says:

    absolute perfection! :3

  22. destindavis says:

    Jeez he can sing

  23. DanielLumleyMusic says:


  24. LAZYFORCE1234 says:


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