Attraction vs Repulsion in Magnetic Fields 2

I decided to redo this experiment and address some issues: 1- The nuts and bolts were removed to remove their effect. 2- The plexiglass is perfectly cut by laser, so there is no noticeable error in the sizes of both arms, they are equal in size. 3- It will be allowed so that the attracting magnet, overcome the power of repulsion on the other side all by itself, so that it can be seen that it can overcome the power of repulsion at almost any distance. Good luck
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  1. ImUrtastyflava says:

    how do you know that? :O

  2. Sumermagor says:

    when two of the same polarity repell eachother, they are of equal strenght and it counts as 1
    When two different fields approach, the magnetic pull is stronger because positive and negative combines,
    which counts as 2.
    nothing mysterious about this

  3. User2718218 says:

    Unfortunately you are incorrect, please see my other posting here.

  4. User2718218 says:

    Unfortunately the conclusion is incorrect. The attraction and repulsion are approximately the same strength and the experiment is critically flawed. I am going to make a posting about this in the “DELAYING LENZ LAW” thread on overunityresearch and you welcome to pass by and have a look.

  5. mariuscivic says:

    This is a verry good demo.
    Thank you!

  6. elias721 says:

    The magnets are completely the same, Attraction is about 1.6 times stronger than repulsion.

  7. nattsurfaren says:

    This is weird. Adding just one magnet and it attract instead of repel I mean.
    Is the added magnet stronger then the other ones?

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