Attraction Marketing

Does attraction marketing work in mlm? Information on free 17 page “Attraction Marketing Truth” newsletter.

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  1. SoulHealthUnique says:

    Lol @ “For attraction marketing you have to be attractive in the first place so that counts most people out” That cracked me up… but agree with you!

  2. goldy1011 says:

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  3. TheMLMTrainingMinute says:


    I understand your comment. I would suggest you read the newsletter I talk about in the video. This is a much more complex issue. Far too many people have been convinced they are “Branding Themselves” when in reality all they are doing is promoting an Attraction Marketing System that will create no greater success numbers than any other lead generation technique, online or offline.

  4. ashrocks87 says:

    Dale, I’d like to say that you are actually using Attraction Marketing in all you do in the net.

    Providing value = Attraction Marketing..

    What do you think?

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