Attraction Marketing Winning Ways

Attraction Marketing Winning Ways

Article by Arnie Fulmer

Advertising has always been the way to try to increase business and attract new customers. The traditional ways of marketing are definitely in the past. There is no question that in the last 20 years or so advertising and marketing oneself and ones business has changed. The internet has made marketing much simpler, more successful and even fun. In years past the traditional ways of marketing did serve their purpose and they worked well for the times. Yet today the internet is the way to go, everyone is doing it and to stay in the fight in the business world you need to do the same. There are many different types of marketing and attraction marketing is the one that businesses find more successful.

Attraction Marketing 101

One of the beauties of attraction marketing is that you take your time and your energy to specifically target the individuals that will be attracted to what you have to sell. Quite often advertising is done on a generically overall basis and there is no general target of people. The hope is that if you market to enough people that you will find some that are interested in what you have. Yet it doesn’t really make sense to advertise purses to men, and therefore wouldn’t likely be very successful. This is where attraction marketing comes in; it would target a group of women, which is where more success will come with purses. It just makes more sense to advertise to a group of individuals that would be interested in what you have.

How you carry through with attraction marketing is up to you, and can be done in many different ways as well. It is basically a way of communicating fully with the people that would be interested in what you have to sell. With attraction marketing you will be able to provide valuable content to your future customers. You will show them how your product will benefit them and what it can do for them. By doing this you are attracting them to you and your product. One of the advantages of this is that when this person comes to you they are a qualified customer already. You have already attracted them through your marketing technique; once they come to you they are ready to buy from you. You will find that the majority of successful multi level marketers and other businesses use the technique of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing just simply makes sense. The old traditional way of marketing, had its benefits, yet was a lot of wasted energy. Lots of time would be wasted advertising to a large group of people generically and hoping that they would find an interest in your product. The beauty of attraction marketing is targeting the people that have an interest in what you are selling. Your task once you identify this interested group is to tell them what you have and make it so good that these people cannot turn it away. You will find it is much better to attract your customers than it is to chase them.

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