Attraction Marketing & Credibility For Your Business

Website: http://luismanrios.com/ Attraction Marketing is a very powerful way to optimize the leverage of your house based business. It can be used to build a…
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  1. ThePickerGoose says:

    Great video and points!

  2. Luis Man Rios says:

    I’m talking about if a videos has a compelling title that induces a viewer
    to watch the video and the subject changes It can easily trigger dislikes.

  3. fba picker says:

    I agree to an extent with what you had to say in this video. I agree that
    individual uploaded videos should be focused on the titled subject. When it
    is a Hangout atmosphere and there are multiple people on the panel no one
    should go disliking a video due to something that was talked about! If
    someone does not like hearing about current events or any other subject
    that is being said in a hang out then stop listening. Instead of disliking
    something you disagree about try doing your own research

  4. oodleoo says:

    Mustache and content!!!! Loved the video!!

  5. thecollegepicker says:

    You are right on the money, kinda makes me want to take down my mic DIY
    windscreen now. But I was trying to spark a better sound quality revolution
    as well! @.@

  6. Sonny Earp says:

    Great info, thanks

  7. juan santana says:


  8. HighlandPicker says:

    “Liked”…great video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. :o)

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