Attraction Marketing As The Backbone Of Your MLM Marketing Business

Attraction Marketing As The Backbone Of Your MLM Marketing Business

Article by Bowdoin Hartlage

How Crucial is Attraction Marketing System to Your MLM Marketing Business?

Attraction marketing has become the most popular marketing concept that has helped many network marketers achieve phenomenal success in the MLM marketing business. This sudden growth in popularity is due in part to successful online entrepreneurs who have used the system and amassed huge success in the process. What makes attraction marketing unique from other techniques is that it’s built on the idea of making leads come to you instead of you going for the leads. This is the unconventional – the new paradigm shift of approaching your prospects, setting yourself as a leader so you will become the hunted instead of the hunter. Applying the principles of attraction marketing in your MLM marketing business will set you free from the frustrations and pains of cold callings and chasing your friends and family. This means that people come over to you and ask you to include them in your network. However, before you are able to do this, you have to establish yourself first as a leader in your network and niche. This is where the work really lies in attraction marketing.

Some Bits of Information that can Help You Understand How to Apply the Principles of Attraction Marketing into Your MLM Marketing Business

1. It takes time for you to establish yourself as a leader in your niche. This is the very first thing you should know about attraction marketing because you cannot attract any leads if you don’t make yourself into a leader first. So how long will it take you to become a leader? It depends on a lot of factors. First, how good are you in marketing yourself out there? Second, do you have any previous experience in network marketing or social media marketing? Third, do you personally know other leaders out there whom you can use for your advantage? And fourth, do you know who your target market is? If your answer to these questions are all positive, then it’s going to be a lot quicker for you to become a leader in your MLM marketing business or any chosen field you are in.

2. Attraction marketing is about providing lots and lots of good content (often for free). In any industry, you have to regularly create good content to make yourself stand and rise among the others. You can apply this in whatever social media marketing platform you are using such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Blogs, etc. Just give your followers good content, day in and day out, and sooner or later you will become the go-to guy on your niche.

3. Attraction marketing is leading with value. It is about nurturing those who look up to you. It’s about keeping the communication lines open, answering their questions, providing them with tools and resources, and providing them advice and solutions to their problems. This is network marketing so their success is also your success. You can always provide value even if you are a newbie in the business. What’s really beneficial about this concept is that the better you are in nurturing your network, the more warm leads you receive through referrals made by your own followers.

Some Common Strategies On How To Generate Leads Using Attraction Marketing in Your MLM Marketing Business

Here are some doable attraction marketing tactics that you can apply in your MLM marketing business.

1. Build a blog. A blog is considered as the central nervous system of any business. If you notice, majority of the most successful online entrepreneurs today maintain their own blogs. This is proof that blogs are very important in establishing yourself as a leader. The great thing about a blog is that you can write anything you want in any way you desire. This makes the whole blogging process a very personal endeavor. If you are in MLM marketing business, a blog is the center where you put pieces together. Customers like personal conversations with businesses. This makes blogging a good relationship-building tool.

2. Create a social media presence. Social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are great places to promote yourself and your brand. These sites get millions of site hits every day. You can take a piece of this action by simply putting yourself into the picture.

3. Network with the top leaders in your niche. Sometimes, to become a leader, you have to be friends with other leaders. This is the power of networking. One single recommendation of you made by another leader to his/her followers can do miracles to your own business.

4. Put out valuable content for free. Valuable content is the foundation of attraction marketing. You can do this through different ways such as article marketing, bloggings, video marketing, audio marketing, etc. Even if you are a newbie in your MLM marketing business, you can still provide a lot of value. People will only take you seriously if you give them something that they can actually use for the betterment of their own businesses. Only then will they look at you as a leader.

5. Create well-optimized capture pages. These are used to capture the contact details of potential customers for future marketing purposes. MLSP has a lot of powerful capture pages that give FREE Trainings to all network marketers.

If you are able to fully and effectively utilize all these attraction marketing strategies in your MLM marketing business, it won’t be long before you will be perceived as a leader. Be reminded however that becoming a leader won’t happen overnight. It will take some time before people will start noticing you. Once their eyes are upon you, what you need to do is nurture their attention by giving them what they want or need in the form of free content like articles, ebooks, training materials, software, free trainings, free webinars, etc. Just be patient and consistent in whatever strategy you are doing. See to it that the content you provide are always of the best quality. If you keep on doing this, that’s when people will start recognizing you as a leader. YOU will be the hunted instead of the hunter. That’s how attraction marketing works for your MLM marketing business.

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