Attract Like A Law of Attraction Magnet

Attract Like A Law of Attraction Magnet

Article by Steve Lobe

Do you find that amongst the people you know, some are just Law of Attraction Magnets? Like magnets attracting pins to it, everything – wealth, health, great jobs, excellent relationships, love and happiness – seems to leap and land on their laps. They live their lives as if there are no limits and nothing can stop them. And yet, we all know, some of us continue in our struggle to get by each day. We attract nothing but the opposite of what these Law of Attraction Magnets get.

Is there a secret to their attracting such abundance?

I was curious to know what made these people successful while others fail so I studied what they did. 3 things consistently popped up and I am going to tell you what they are so you can be just like them.

It begins with a change in mindset. A change in the way you think. A change in the way you feel and act. If you want a transformation in your life, you must do it.

The 3 important magnets to a life of abundance:

1) Live and Follow your Passions.

Have you ever seen a prosperous and abundant person settling for mediocrity?

They never sit still. They are overachievers, living life with adventure and zest. They do not settle for boring jobs… they look for interesting ones. They do not just settle for normal sports like tennis or golf…. they scuba dive or rock climb. They just want to experience life to the fullest and consider it a crime to settle for less.

What about us? Are we any different? Can we be like them? It is possible. One quick way to start is by thinking what drives you? What makes your pulse raise or blood pressure go up? Maybe it was something you did in your childhood? Or something that you really enjoy doing now?

Don’t worry if you are stuck. I find that whenever we are asked to think of something, our mind goes blank. Keep this question with you every day and as you go through your life, constantly as yourself, “Is this something I am passionate about?” This increased awareness will soon help you live passionately.

2) Believe in Wonderful Possibilities.

The old saying, “The richer get richer” is certainly true for the Law of Attraction Magnets. It is because when they have achieved something, they do not consider that that is enough and strives for more.

They take advantage of all opportunities they have because they believe in the unlimited possibilities in their lives.

Start increasing your awareness by allowing yourself to feel that everything is possible in your life. Your life is not static but is in a constant state of dynamic flux – nothing, ever, stays the same. Keep this affirmation.

Look out for changes and change. New opportunities means new possibilities of improving your life. After a while, you will realize that taking new opportunities becomes second nature and you will attract even more opportunities.

3) Believe That You Deserve It.

Basically, people fail in the Law of Attraction because they think that it is not possible for them to receive all the goodness in their lives because they do not deserve it.

Successful people believe that they deserve what they get. They work at attracting abundance and blessings in their lives and when it comes, they receive it with all gladness and grace.

Most people do not feel that they have ‘Worth’ issues. I didn’t… until a friend asked me, “How do you react when someone gives you a compliment or an unexpected gift? Do you express your thanks and gratitude, or do you try to refuse it or dismiss it?”

Little did I think I was actually worth and capable of much more.

Rejection of compliments or goodness only shows that deep within, I feel that I did not deserve any of those things.

This brought about a change in my mindset to start accepting all the goodness and abundance others showered on me.

Believe in yourself and reaffirm it to yourself each day. And believe that you deserve much much more than what you have now.

Be humble and accept with gratitude for the blessings that come you way. When good things come – embrace them!

Believe me. If you keep these 3 factors in mind daily and practice them, you will turn yourself into a Law of Attraction Magnet, attracting all the things you desire in life.

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