ASS #12 – Justin Bieber In My Video !!!

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  1. brittney calder says:

    damnnn i want those pants!!! <3

  2. RMBvids says:

    Hahaha ” yes it says I heart sawyers A.S.S on your ass” hahaha

  3. rwhbelieber says:

    Lol I would totally buy those pants but my parents would not approve.

  4. thingamajig23 says:

    I can’t get over the fact that he looks soooo much like Scott!!

  5. nikkigirl181 says:

    i want those sweats!

  6. xoitserica says:

    i want those pants!

  7. synchrofreak97 says:

    i miss your constant videos 🙁

  8. hannahbananaxbeauty says:

    1:03— YEA BUDDIE<33 THATsME<333333333

  9. Cassidyx77 says:

    @oxoGRACE it’s called stating an opinion and freedom of speech.. it’s really not even offensive+i wasn’t trying to offend him. and you don’t even know me so that statement is invalid. calm down.

  10. oxoGRACE says:

    @Cassidyx77 It’s called confidence. And that’s the only way he’ll get to where he’s going. Which is a way more successful place than where you’ll be, pretty sure. Get a life, ho.(:

  11. makeuprulz1235 says:

    KONY 2012

  12. CD2kay7 says:

    @ApplesThatRead whatever you’re into.. :

  13. gigglehead24 says:

    WOuld you be ok if your sister played your girlfriend?

  14. hfrida1 says:

    @popcornpizzapie1 Ask Sawyer Sunday 

  15. smileyourebeautifuI says:

    @popcornpizzapie1 sawyer..the third one is sunday!

  16. soccerstar8397 says:

    @9superkid9 it means ask sawyer sunday

  17. 9superkid9 says:

    @popcornpizzapie1 I think it’s there to make it just say Ass… I have no idea what it really means :s

  18. Morgan132Rulez says:

    @hotman113121 go suck a dick you prick!!! And btw he has a gf!!

  19. popcornpizzapie1 says:

    what does the second ‘S’ stand for in A.S.S???

  20. hotman113121 says:

    4 words, u are super GAY

  21. planetcoach28 says:


  22. mslonghair12 says:

    Lmao . Ordering a pair of pants todaay .

  23. CrystalMatthews93 says:

    child, child, child ooooooh. child, child, child nooooooo. child, child, child ooooooooooooh. Sorry Kony, this one’s mine, mine. 🙂

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