Ask Sawyer – One Direction (VideoBlog101)

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  1. WaiukuRep says:

    I can, and i’m from an english speaking country. haha

  2. goldy911100 says:

    same!! haha

  3. nadjamaus1 says:

    i think he was talking about his family not blair

  4. 2GirlsAboutTown says:

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  5. Haggiegirlrox says:

    I’m sooo proud that he actually knows there names… he just got 100x hotter.

  6. 1DsBabeee says:

    Lol. I clicked this cause of One Direction.. But it’s okay Sawyer. I still love you (:

  7. MeStar73 says:

    Did they broke up?

  8. MeStar73 says:

    Do you really want to know where I’m from? Well, I’m from Belgium and my first name is Joke. To all people who spaek english: this is a very normal name here!! Oh, and I bet you can’t pronounce it at all! Neither my last name!

  9. manertt says:

    Does anyone else feel like 1:14 was about his break up with Blair 🙁 so sad

  10. pickthefashioncom109 says:

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  11. luvbeauty007 says:


  12. tclrxo says:


  13. Cameron McKay says:

    “I’d go serenade girls in the street… Make y’all love meh” AHAHA.

  14. Hannah McPherson says:

    “oh god, you’re from Europe”

  15. chickflickgirl16 says:

    @tazanator94 he was talking about Louis not zayn. I messaged him to ask him.

  16. Tazanator94 says:

    Lol! “The guy with the swoopie hair” zayn Sawyer loll

  17. erin kabanak says:

    I kinda only clicked the video for one direction but I do like sawyer so its okay 🙂

  18. mia block says:

    Did u and Blair break up?

  19. AlwaysGlamorous07 says:


  20. Elizaa Nightelf says:

    yea sawyer>one direction

  21. sunsetgoldengirl says:

    Directioners! One Direction! -33333333

  22. Redlipgirl13 says:

    Your so cute!!!!!!

  23. EmilinePinkie1 says:


  24. OfAllMyBoyishDreams says:

    Blair said it a while back on twitter.. and sawyer commented about it a few times on his instagram

  25. BeckyandShivshow says:

    I only clicked on it for one direction … They broke up??? Wow I didn’t know that

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