Artist on Artist: Andrew Garfield & Jesse Eisenberg

The Social Network’ co-​stars go old school at the Harvard Club to dish on their on-screen battles, working with Justin Timberlake and what social networking means to them. Original Source: tinyurl.com
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  1. iDraw3G says:

    Why is he British?

  2. yellowrello says:

    @JohnsMusicPlaylist Ok first we know they’re friends nobody’s trying to push their views on them and second whilst I respect you have your own opinion watch your mouth asshole

  3. guest101ism says:

    They are a dark room away from penetrating each other

  4. adenmari123qwerty says:

    They are not gay! Andrew is dating Emma Stone! Why do people hope this!?

  5. wildimagination1717 says:

    this seems a little awkward but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 there both soo cutee and great actors

  6. WayneTatum says:

    What’s myspace?

  7. JohnsMusicPlaylist says:


    They’re just friends? I swear all you faggots keep on imaging shit, hoping and praying that these two are gay.

  8. pirates4evah8888 says:

    does anyone else feel sexual tension..?

  9. mimichaism says:

    @stupdandcontagiousx that wouldn’t surprise me. andrew has more chemistry with jesse than with emma!

  10. stupdandcontagiousx says:

    Sometimes I think Andrew and Jesse are in love and Emma Stone is just pretending to be Andrew’s girlfriend like her character does in Easy A.

  11. lostinmyregrets94 says:

    hello justin looks more like mark….

  12. lostinmyregrets94 says:

    theyre both so passionate about acting im obsessed!!!!!!!

  13. sexypotterhead says:

    they are in love.

  14. angiecarranza says:

    @alyssaxking THEY ARE.

  15. TheNerimonster says:

    Everyone’s like “this is gay.” You’ll find that to be a recurring theme when Andrew and Jesse are together.

  16. IGeNE101 says:

    This is really gay but they’re still great actors

  17. devincyb1 says:

    this is kind of gay

  18. sandrash89 says:

    they are adorable together 8)

  19. ProblemStick says:

    “the masthead, you want to celebrate, and it’s just not time.”

  20. ThePotterfan11 says:

    “I knew you would be, you know, okay.”
    “I also found you to be adequate” HAHAHA

  21. alyssaxking says:

    I just want them to be in love, fo real.

  22. cheatdath says:


  23. sunnysummerheaven says:

    @eisenfieldlove same bb, same. their love kills me

  24. EmilyBlack01 says:

    @MakeMistakesxo He’s a British actor

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