Army Recruiting Video Rangers

Army Recruiting Video Rangers
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  1. justin romero says:

    Lol im used to it. I am prior as well. Didnt make it through the 35M course though. Oh Belive me i will. That 40 is something im determined to get.

  2. detox8388 says:

    Sure thing… A little clarification never hurt. I was never trying to berate you in anyway. If you felt that way, I apologize. I noticed you’re interested in the 75th. Good for you! I don’t know if anyone has told you this, but find out what MOS the 75th is in need of and choose it. When at MEPS, fight for an Option 40 contract. DON’T sign a thing if u don’t have a 40! This bit of info helped me in ’07, and I hope it helps you. Good luck!
    Research, Research, Research

  3. justin romero says:

    huh. ok now it makes sence! thanks!

  4. detox8388 says:

    You’re getting the two confused. The Ranger Assessment & Selection Program is 8 weeks long. Ranger School, which you see in this video is 61 days long. RASP is the program which you have to pass if you want to join the 75th Ranger Regiment. Ranger School is a leadership course, open to most soldiers from around the Military and has nothing to do with the 75th. Although it is encouraged that soldiers from the 75th attend Ranger School.
    Ranger Class 06 5-22-09
    2nd Ranger Battalion

  5. justin romero says:

    but its whatever. Don’t necisarily care whats what because it wont make a diff when I get into the rangers. Thanks for the point out though.

  6. justin romero says:

    Ok i said 2 not 8 my bad. But still watch from 1:19 it says “If you are selected. You will begin an 8 WEEK course. As far as im aware Ranger SCHOOL isn’t 8 weeks. I’ve talked to rangers before. They said no such thing as your statement

  7. detox8388 says:

    Well firstly, this isn’t RASP. It’s Ranger School. And secondly, RASP is 8 weeks long. I’m not sure where you got 2 weeks from.

  8. justin romero says:

    Funny how they leave out alot of info about what you actualy do in RASP. You do alot more than just PT and all that for the 2 week selection.

  9. wwefan1nick says:

    @freedomfighter20101 yea I’m all for equality but women are definitively NOT equipped to be rangers. Not only that, but if there’s one woman who makes it, now the guys she is with don’t have a full sense of uniformity and they won’t respect her, judgement will get screwed up. Besides, we are not trying to make a weak army.. We need to toughen up, not become a laughingstock

  10. PipMySuccess says:

    In my honest opinion I would say if you are giong to join the army try and become a marine or special forces.. if not then go into the marines

  11. MrDajellybean says:

    Depends they both compete for jobs like 75th ranger regiment and recon marines depends on the job mostly.

  12. ertyuiopsnake says:

    so which is better, the army or the marines?

  13. FreezerUp363 says:

    If you want a Leadership position such as a squad leader (E-5/Sergeant) in the Ranger battalions you have to go through Ranger school.

  14. Denis Angulo says:

    0:16 the last one in the left didn’t make it so good lol

  15. brandon thomas says:

    if you want to be a full memeber of the 75th ranger regiment you go to rasp you dont have to go to ranger school…..ranger school just gets you the tab and a head start …rasp when you graduate you wear the ranger tan beret and the elder scroll . there are rangers who dont have the tab and are members of the group… but i would go to pre ranger school just so you know what it is youre getting into

  16. mastercheff88 says:

    yeahh real sad i heard. GODDAMN obama administration. even before this shit it got re-vamped with more sleep and food allowed (some of the biggest hurdles in that school) they seriiously need to stop call it ranger school. I know so many rangers are rolling over in there fucking graves. i don’t have a problem with women attending as long as they earn it and the damn standards aren’t dropped. ranger and S.F. training are geared for direct combat. so why send females. waste of damn resources

  17. TheBlackegyptian281 says:

    Right now I am finishing up my degree in Law Enforcement thinking of going officer in the Marines. I have a buddy who went into the AF not completely knowing what he got himself into. He wants very badly to join the Marines or join Army Rangers or Special Forces. The only problem is his medical records might screw him up. The man is an extreme athlete and just wants to work to his full potential unlike AF. He likes a challenge and loves to earn things in life. What should he do?

  18. rangerdafuqup says:


  19. FreedomFighter20101 says:

    Ranger School….sad they are going to lower the standards so they can ALLOW females to get a Ranger Tab. Just remember…the Tab is earned…well used to be earned..but will soon be given. And in combat….the enemy isn’t going to make it easy for you. Way to Breed WEAKNESS by lowering the standards.

  20. waveali says:

    Ranger school was no freaking joke from what I seen from the guys who came back from it. That’s some hardcore shit.

  21. masterDevis says:

    I’ve signed up for Airborne Rangers, and I ship for training in January! Honestly I thank God that I get jump training first.

  22. ArmedJaren says:

    Got my option 40 Training to be the best. God bless all my future brothers if i make it or not

  23. joshuatrefethen says:

    Rangers lead the way!

  24. Spartan117airsoft says:


  25. AgentA5 says:

    Thats my dream. One day become an Army Ranger. I’m currently in my 2nd year of army ROTC in college.

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