Are you in the Social Media world? Or standing on the sidelines waiting?

981 Social media has changed the world. Let me clarify that statement. Social media has changed YOUR world. Whatever you’re doing online, whether it’s tweeting, LinkedIning, Facebooking, or YouTubing, Social Media has changed your way of communicating one-on-one, one-on-customer base, and one-to-the-world. Facebook is the easiest phenomenon to understand. It has changed the way you communicate with your friends and your family, and has opened the freedom door to anyone that you come in contact with either business or personal. You have found old friends, schoolmates, and co-workers — and they have found you. And in the same way, you can find customers and prospective customers — and they can find you. Because of Social Media and the Internet, big companies no longer have a big advantage. Anyone can create a news blog that can immediately compete with the New York Times. The music industry has been leveled by groups performing their own videos and selling them on iTunes. Groups are creating free videos on YouTube, and they have done it far more efficiently, at far less cost, than records or CDs since they have been invented. LinkedIn has created a new way to cold call and a much more sophisticated way for businesses to connect. You can go on LinkedIn and search by job title and find prospective customers at no cost. It’s also the employment agency of the future. Twitter allows you to gain a following of people interested in your thoughts, your information, or the
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  1. KpGblackmamoth says:

    I have people who I don’t want to find me, how can I possibly join and not be found by these people? I have a very unique name as well, not that I would really want to join anyway.

  2. NewMediaRadioHour says:

    A very well done and articulate video my friend! I have shared it to my community and friends! I will also go to your YT channel. Looking forward to more outstanding videos and posts.

  3. ZmannoZ says:

    Follow me ill follow back

  4. younginoc says:

    This guy rocks. That’s why his emails to me have a 100 percent open rate.

  5. KrunoStifter says:

    Very true and we the Google + coming from behind. I’m excited.

  6. mbowlersr says:

    Thanks Jeffrey, you did it again. Telling it like it is. Many will be left in the dust because of apathy and not being willing to engage. Kudos.

  7. sbdipat says:

    The authenticity is the key. And Jeffrey Gitomer is a FANTASTIC example everyone can follow. The value he provides with every interaction is wonderful!

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