Are You A *HUSTLER*?


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  1. TheSlimkitten says:



  2. brokendogs1 says:

    Do the Hustle!!!!!

  3. RetireOnPeoplestring says:

    Katie, thanks! Begining entrepreneurs need to hear this. It is so easy to become compacent in your business especially when you don’t see tangible results overnight. The great thing about this type of hustle is that it becomes easier as you gain more experience. As later you will have built leverage to accomplish other things for your business. Great vid, Katie.

  4. PVOptimusPrime says:


  5. JohnnyRussianBlowDro says:

    hell yah i love san diego…sunny weather all day!!! and i am a hustler and i always sing dat song too!!! wow this is real weird haha

  6. jwardmagic07 says:

    I didnt hear a word you said, I was too busy focusing on your beauty with my mouth wide open …..

  7. tylerg83 says:

    Katie, Your videos are highly inspirational. Thanks for your teachings.

  8. Hotpocketmountiandew says:


  9. LeadersCare says:

    Wow, you watch Gary Vaynerchuck too? That is awesome. I love his passion too.

    Jennifer Korol

  10. carosta says:

    What does Will Smith say in the video “Will Smith on the Law of Attraction”?
    I understand only a part of it (I’m German). He says “The guy who is willing to hustle the most
    is gonna be the guy to just …” ???
    Please help me to understand it!

  11. HelpingThruBizTv says:

    Great video about Hustling. The economy is crazy right now and you have to make your own and helping others is definitely the way to the top.

    Thanks for the content.


  12. cwandless says:

    Awesome Vid.

    So True.

    Your Friend in Success,
    Charles Wandless

  13. escondidofilms says:

    You are great and really positive but I am not sure what you do.

  14. xXAkridXx says:

    Okay, I guess I’ll get back to work then.

  15. MLMmainsecrets says:

    great message in that video… your great just like jonathan budd

  16. myDNAtruth says:

    Good messege Katie!
    as long as your not
    chasing your own tail..

  17. StevenDownward says:

    Thank you so much for that video. You completely hit the nail on the head. People need to hussle and keep at it to succeed in this business. Thanks again.

  18. 11825code6 says:

    You sing better than Pharrell. He is a douche.

  19. bdgpick says:

    that was awesome and your 100% right on…

  20. mytangiblewealth says:

    You are absolutely right- sometimes folks think they are being productive but if it’s not creating content…then you are not moving forward!

  21. CarolynCarey says:

    Love the vid, Katie – You’re right – you’ve got to take action and be consistent, and you’ll get MASSIVE success. Works every time!

    Take care,

    Carolyn Carey
    Global Success Creators

  22. AndyInctv says:

    Great view Katie.. yes, you have to hustle to make the most of what we do!

    Andy Hunt

  23. fegust1981 says:

    I thought your video was great.

    Lately, I haven’t been hustling enough myself and I really need to start doing that. I just need some more motivation, I guess.

    Anyway, keep up with the great videos.


  24. shawnajamieson says:

    Awsome job as always even in sweats:)
    Doin the husstle myself today….
    Thank you!

  25. mlmguruankur says:

    Awesome katie..

    Love it


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