Are social networking sites making us more narcissistic?

INSIDE San Diego State: According to a new poll, the generation who uses them the most seems to think so. In a national poll of college students, 57 percent agreed that that people in their generation use social networking sites (ie Facebook, Twitter and MySpace) for self-promotion, narcissism and attention seeking.

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  1. FieldHag says:

    To cut it short to an answer of that question, yes. It gives meaningless people a reason to think people care what they do day to day.

  2. jauakkais says:

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  3. dreadnus says:

    the internet dosent exactly make people stupid, some people use it to be entertained, some to comunicate, some to learn… etc. it would be closer to the internet makes the dumb dumber, and the smart smarter. its essentially the collective knowledge of the human race at our doorstep, people will use it how they want.

  4. whattheheckevr says:

    I did that.I wanted so bad to be right about everything.I prejudged so fast anytime something seemed to be negative about someone else I just didn’t listen & assumed that it was one way.I don’t think I have been listening to alot of things as I was told they were bad.I need to think for myself & not jump to conclusions so fast.I have been programmed like alot of people by my fears about people and other things without even realizing it.

  5. MrErjavec says:

    hey dad, do you know that internet makes peoples stupid?
    dad: WTF,LOL,ROFL!!!!

  6. pierrerichard7777 says:

    Maybe you could go as far as asking : Is Internet making people more narcissistic.

  7. PipeDownification says:

    I would be interested to know if these polled see themselves as narcissistic. Meaning, they acknowledge their generations issue, but do they accept their part in the narcissism?

  8. ItsAComment says:

    Well they haven’t effected me, then again i deleted all of mine a while back as i very rarely used them.

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