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www.youtube.com My new team for underrated guys as promised! Adam and Xobe are helping me manage the team. Below are the details for the recruitment challenge! – Must produce a Speedart – No progressions – Use our logo (below) – Submit as a response to this video – Deadline – 24th July (1 month from today) – Please Subscribe to Aquatine, we need your support to get going! – Also please enjoy it. We are recruiting underrated guys! we’re pretty flexible about this, but pretty much under 2k, with not very much clan experience is what we’re aiming for. But like I said, it’s flexible! This is all for your benefit! you asked me to do this, so here it is! Aquatine Logo – www.gamefront.com Aquatine Logo Ai: www.gamefront.com (The Ai logo has the diamond segments as an Ai. The font is: avenir 85 heavy) Dare Xobe: www.youtube.com Dare Adam: www.youtube.com

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  1. JimboDzn says:

    if i havent uploaded in forever, but my entry is the best, will the current content on my channel affect my chances?

  2. CreoArts says:

    lol nice way to get seeez tons of likes ali haha

  3. KINGofJOOStv says:

    My “Best clip in dare!” video needs to hit 500 likes for me to be recruiting 10 extra people into aquatine.! So tell your friends, friends of friends etc to like it! It’s just over half way so if you want the extra spaces go go go !

  4. KINGofJOOStv says:

    6 days left

  5. ByBaked says:

    Its too late to enter right?

  6. GamingTheoryOG says:

    so this is only for designers no player???!

  7. cocomatt678 says:

    i really want to be on this team 🙂

  8. iamiXp says:

    I have joined the contest 😀

  9. VisualizeZero says:

    :0 can i get 100 likes on my Aq entry 😀 got 99 XD

  10. TheINoizZ says:

    Description mate 😉

  11. GamingTheoryOG says:

    How many sub do they have?

  12. TheGFXgamers says:

    guys check out my entry

  13. ArAbInOxC4d says:

    Accept my entry guys 🙂

  14. arCanitexP says:

    i would say have fun to watch the entrys ali HAHA

  15. GexaConcepts says:

    So if you only have couple vids on the channel your pretty much not in? Cuse i just restarted :/ looks like i wont be joing. 🙁

  16. uhTommm says:

    guys just uploaded my entry check me out ??

  17. TheExeriah says:

    Im Entrying!

  18. KINGofJOOStv says:

    i will be looking at the entry, and also your channel to make sure you are underrated, but also i want to see people have the potential to become great designers. So I will be looking at everything.

  19. Ryziin says:

    Just curious but will you also be looking at their other content on their channel when making a decision or just the entry provided?

  20. KINGofJOOStv says:

    By “Next video” I mean my next upload, which will be up in 4-5 days, Not sure what the upload will be yet.!

  21. SkipLive says:

    Awesome.. I just got activated as a partner last night.. I would really like to join because I have never been on a GFX Team and would like to first experience that with Aquatine.

  22. KINGofJOOStv says:

    Just to let you guys know. I’ve realised that ALOT of you want to join. Our limit is 15 currently. I’m prepared to do something pretty awesome. If my next video hits 500 likes, i’m going to recruit “10” more people. So the limit is going to go from 15 to 25. That’s right! so if my next video hits 500 likes, I will pick up another 10 people. 🙂

  23. EnclaveDesigns says:

    I’m so excited for results 😀

  24. RokGFX says:

    My final entry. please check it out.
    Thanks guys. 🙂

  25. JackizmFX says:

    Please check my responce

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