Apollos Hester joins ESPNU’s Recruiting Nation

Recruiting Nation, Thursdays 6pm on ESPNU.

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  1. Detective Hawk says:

    There are some black people who discredit him saying that he “acts white”
    or is a fag… And that’s why your race has so many problems. Whenever a
    good positive black dude is shown, you always want to call them white or
    gay. Do you not realize that you’re being racist against yourselves?

  2. Eric Patterson says:

    There are millions of black people like him in America millions. America
    just advertise the bad ones

  3. ed boy says:

    I really think this kid might be suicidal deep down behind closed doors

  4. mritizwatitiz says:

    dude sound white as hell

  5. 2kool4skool says:

    I actually feel sorry for him cuz he’s gonna drown soon…


  6. Da Kid Gowie says:

    “It’s alright.”

    – Apollos Hester

  7. Clayton Bigsby says:

    Guarantee this kids going to go pro. Go Apollos!

  8. Demerson35 says:

    I love this kid. Cheers me up every time I watch his interview.

  9. commentor504 says:

    Can you guys leave this dude alone? He isn’t talking “white” he isn’t
    trying to act “white”. He honestly looks like he’s speaking and acting
    natural to himself. Why does talking black have to equal slang and bad
    grammar? Why is he less of a black man because he chooses to talk with
    proper diction?

    Don’t you realize you’re enforcing self hate when you say shit like he’s
    acting “white” because God knows a black man or a “real nigga” can’t talk
    like he’s read books before and actually comprehended them.

  10. Harry Gaskin IV says:

    Wow! How can the last 2 posts hate on this kid? Smh. Your life must be
    miserable. The world would be a more positive place if more people
    (children & adults) had this attitude.

  11. Devin Jefferson says:

    I’m telling y’all right now he’s not gay, he not acting, and he’s not an
    Oreo. He’s a product of his environment, simple as that. I wasn’t raised
    like him but when I moved to a different environment I met black guys like
    him. He was probably raised around white people. I mean he goes to school
    in Texas.

  12. David Douglas says:

    I’m African American and from Chapel Hill nc. I love this kid, he makes the
    stereotypes toward us as African american males look ignorant. Plainly put,
    you can say he acts white. I’m wearing a polo button down, khaki’s,
    Sperry’s and my fraternity lanyard hanging from my pocket. I even have
    deadlocks, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve heard “you act white”, I’ve heard ”
    you dress white”, I’ve even heard “you talk white”, but one thing I’m not
    is white. I’m more educated and much more respectable than some other
    African American males but to take it as far as acting white? Ignorance.
    And this kid proves that exact thing. You have something called a
    subconscious mind and in it is stored all things that are around you.
    That’s who you are, that’s what you act/talk/sound/think like. Your
    surroundings. I live in a household with two upper middle class parents who
    have put me through both private and Montessori schools where I excelled
    and due to that, I ” act white”. Point here is that it doesn’t matter. I
    can guarantee you I smash any job interview, conference call in my business
    that I run and actively manage and as well as any post athletic interview,
    I will represent myself respectably there too. This says more about America
    than it does about me, or this kid or any other African American who “acts
    white”. We don’t act white, we’re respectable and credible in self
    representation and I couldn’t thank God more for having obtain that
    quality. Good day sir! 

  13. mike mcrae says:

    he is what black guys sound like when they make fun of a white guy
    lol……he has to be a virgin tho deadass

  14. Austin Cochran says:

    Stop with all the racist remarks. It’s so ignorant. This dude is awesome,
    and he definitely shows good character! So inspirational…

  15. Mason Sousa says:


  16. Spoot Spit says:

    His motivational speech improv was a fail

  17. Cody Boling says:

    I get to be around this kid every day and he is truly a joy to be around.
    There is nothing fake or forced about his personality.

  18. Fredo In The Cut says:

    This dude better come to Duke. We need you.

  19. mrsexy1231000 says:

    Truly hope this dude comes to talk to our basketball team, if we get down
    during halftime. 

  20. Shes GotSneaks says:

    I think everyone needs to look past his race and actually pay attention to
    what he is SAYING

  21. Marcus Curry says:

    He dosent sound white he sounds like a human being that is educated man sit

  22. Epicous says:

    Go Go Apollo

  23. yostopitkim says:

    Notice how the black people are bashing him more than the white folks…
    Our people need to get it together foreal. You have a perfect example of an
    inspiring, motivational African-American male and what do you people do?
    Ridicule and mock his personality because you fail to think the way he
    does. But that’s the contrast between him and you. He’s positive, you’re

  24. I Rape Dolphins says:

    I hate that people make this a race thing… It’s so sad. I really thought
    that people would just see him for what he is – Awesome!

  25. Justin Craig says:

    He’s gonna murder the whole school 

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