Anyone Can Make Easy Money Finding Profitable Niches With This New Free Software

Anyone Can Make Easy Money Finding Profitable Niches With This New Free Software

Article by Neil Alan

Most internet marketing experts tell us to find a profitable marketing niche, “a starving crowd” before embarking on any sales campaign. They recognize the common mistake of creating a product or service that very few potential customers are looking for and correctly advise us to first do proper niche research. Hopefully, the research will discover a niche market that is underserved. In other words, a problem that lots of folks are facing for which there are few, if any good solutions.

There are actually a lot of techniques to find a profitable marketing niche. One good way is to survey article directories and find articles that receive a lot of views. Another is to use the Google Keyword Research Tool to find which keywords have a huge amount of search volume. But if you really want a web site to rise to the top of the search page rankings in Google, you need a tool that can show you the web sites that rank for a particular keyword and also the number of backlinks that each of the top ranked web sites has. With that information, you can know for sure whether you can get your web site listed on the first page of Google.

Amazingly enough, Ryan Deiss, a well regarded internet marketing Guru, is giving away such a tool for free. He calls his application “Cherry Picker” and as of this writing, it is available on his drivingtraffic blog. The tool is very easy to use and makes finding a profitable niche pretty easy. What you do is enter your keyword search phrase into a text field. Then you wait a few moments while the application queries Google. Cherry Picker returns a list of the top web pages for that search query and has columns for links to url, links to domain, pages indexed and Google Page Rank.

What “Cherry Picker” is great for, is finding a keyword or keyword phrase for which you can get into the first 10 spots on the Google Search Results Page. First, take your main, most general key word. Using the Google Keyword Research Tool, find all the related keywords. By putting each of these keywords into Cherry Picker, you will find the web sites that rank in the top ten list for that keyword. Look through the list of sites and you will know if any of them has gotten to the position using a small number of backlinks. If any have, then you know that you can compete for that keyword and get on to the first page of Google for that keyword, and you know how many back links it will take to get you there.

Once you have discovered that there are a dozen or more keywords that you can rank for in a particular marketing niche, you know that you have found a niche for which you can get lots of free traffic. Any niche web site that can get a lot of free traffic can be turned into a profitable one by selling niche affiliate products. Or you can monetize the web site simply by selling advertising or even just adding AdSense code.

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