answering zakir naik by David Wood part 2

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  1. ripvankev says:

    @mrzshariff123 Bowing to the blackstone that the pagans did worshipping Al
    Lat, Al Uzzah and Al Mannat. Sticking their heads into what looks like a
    vagina, like the pagans did for fertility & rubbing their privates on the
    black stone. Now moslems pray facing that stone & want to kiss that stone
    before they die! We can curse Allah they do nothing, say anything about
    PedoMo they will kill you! The truth is PedoMo is a false prophet
    influenced by Satan & had revelations to justify his own desires.

  2. nowiamchristian says:

    hey folks………… see how muslims behave and how much muslims get angry
    when truth comes and they are exposed.

  3. mrzshariff123 says:

    I would kill you with my own hands u ugly pig fucker. Creating lies about
    the truth, as if a bitch like u could alter the truth.

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