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  1. MrVilniusNastavnik says:

    Our order auctions off our treasures annually donating the entire proceeds to charities, furthering medical research, technological advancements, improving the standard of living for men and women who are doing it tough. We run homeless shelters, We run schools for both masonic and non masonic children. We are a gentlemen’s club who is about bettering ourself and the world around us. I implore you do try and research a little about us before you make blind, fictitious and uneducated accusations

  2. MrVilniusNastavnik says:

    They are not allowed membership, or if they are already a member, they are expelled from the order. Yes we make up a majority of what is known as the 1% of this worlds population, however that is not due to corruption, but the fact that we work hard, we build companies from the ground up, we start from the bottom and work our way to the top, we do not cry for hand outs, we do not slack off in school and then complain when we are doing it tough. If a mason is out of a job, we find them a new one.

  3. MrVilniusNastavnik says:

    Satan is the darkness in the Judeo Christian faith but my illiterate friend.. Masons are poly thesistic, our members worship their own god, be he allah, god, buddah, kali, zeus, etc etc etc. Why? Through out time, religions come and go, new faiths rise out of the ashes of old faiths, and all have one thing in common.. they are all made by man. and so… are all equally valid paths to god. Our order is based around a strict set of morals and ethics, if a member has a criminal history…

  4. MrVilniusNastavnik says:

    The Illuminatus are men of science who formed in the 1000s during the peak of scientific oppression during the dark ages, men who worked in the shadows to better the world and whom have or more to the point.. had; nothing to do with the Bavarian Illuminati that came about in the 1600s. The bible is a book written by man which has 2 yes 2 religions formed after it.. the first is Islam; the second, Christianity. Illuminatus and Freemasons do not worship “satan”

  5. MrVilniusNastavnik says:

    You sir are the biggest Un-intellectual I have met on the internet to date… I barely can read a word you typed due to countless spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. So let me take you to school. There is a difference between Illuminati and the Illuminatus. Illuminati were Bavarian Jews who opposed the church and sort to wipe out all bar a master race of individuals with traits of their choosing a order that DIED in the late 1800s…

  6. dioxyde47 says:

    Gave me oh you you you not see that it is the pro in handling it all make believe he loves god but their god lucifer has them even related speech of obama satan he rent it in coded language of people like her think he speaks of god as he puts on Satan in our day and everyone is making is a coded language InteliGen can request your grandfather to go to their reuinion is happening once every 25 years if you go there will tell you this not because it is what goes down the –‘

  7. dioxyde47 says:

    the right moment to finish there are a lot of people on land that spineless your head every holiday is what you’d be nothing and if your fucking anti-christ just the crucified people will obviously pourtent even a big arm is going to happen will protect people too determine

  8. dioxyde47 says:

    of this fool you and your meeting in a fairground or there Humme all dressed up in political shit hurt devont plain weird statue you mean to me it’s scientific but also its stop taking us for stupid shit born it’s too tare it all for you it is true that the church has lost against you but there you plain and non-secret society of secret waits for

  9. dioxyde47 says:

    if this guy comes in the crucified –‘

  10. dioxyde47 says:

    astern and that if he want to kill me as he made a complaint to another who wanted this fight against you but that it just before it happens to me something I also said that he adorns do this son of a bitch fuck fuck fuck fuck illuminati Alore and lively anonymous!!!! !

  11. dioxyde47 says:

    be powerful because you have all politics and all this stuff is shit but you forget that we sum over number you we are all so if one day it becomes oficielle that all people born and must have this new chip in its core is the war that everyone will get up and be serious fatal and then told your big head shit you see every 5 or 10 years since he returned to where he came from and that he will do this by moving

  12. dioxyde47 says:

    all in the Bible and know it was going to write that its people like you get her what was predicative mean that the final judgment and a terminal near you for the illuminati you go war creates the biggest war ever seen a réfléchiser can in your head that you about to destroy the human and you lose because you go this can

  13. dioxyde47 says:

    ok if you are not of this satanic why you have all this stuff is satanic? its power is not you that idiot is you wanted to provoke people believe us or you for an idiot and what’s with the idea of ​​shit master of wills in our core chip as a new card idantiter is a sick trick it proves that you wanted to control all the world and all and

  14. xB1GKILLERX says:

    i like kids thinking they are hackers lol

  15. PiTTutorials says:

    where can I download / buy this song?

  16. QURNAZ11 says:

    If We Don’t End illuminatie.
    illuminatie Will End Us, !

  17. FrateLaso says:

    if u think logical u will realize anonymous are just a big family .. they dont care if sameone is black white yelow or fcked .. respect for true anonymous not for other fags who just use this signature . GooD JoB

  18. djlocman3 says:

    There was an Illuminati, but was only in existence up to early American history.

  19. secretident2 says:

    Illuminati? Anonymous? Both are as real as reality is…. VS?? Why not?

  20. dukaninteful says:



  21. Armitierchen says:

    Im like this song 😀

  22. anom0nys says:

    Fucken 9fags

  23. just4killing says:

    Wake up dude! there are illuminaties google some more informations about that!

  24. TheMatheios says:

    Drawball <3

  25. turbotonic27 says:


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