ANONYMOUS – Illuminati (Song + Download)

Anonymous Speaks. We have a voice. Two Anonymous emcees.. If you believe in our message, please share it with as much people as possible on all of the social networking sites. DOWNLOAD SONG FREE HERE: (Thanks to supporters, now unlimited downloads!) www.mediafire.com or www.filedropper.com links courtesy of: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com MAKE YOUR OWN REMIX TO THIS SONG! www.youtube.com OUR SOUNDCLOUD PAGE: soundcloud.com (No New Downloads are available) THANKS TO A FRIEND & SUPPORTER HERE IS MORE FREE LINKS TO THE SONG (MP3) & VIDEO (WMA) WMV (Video) mudokon.mu.funpic.de MP3 (Audio) mudokon.mu.funpic.de Courtesy of: www.youtube.com ::::NEW::: THE LYRICS: www.lyricsfreak.com The original music was created by Gamma Ray The song “Induction” from the album “No World Order” We do not take any credit for any part of this song, other than the two verses. The song was remixed into a hiphop beat by Syco Beats. www.Facebook.com His YouTube Channel is: www.YouTube.com The Original Instrumental can be found here: www.youtube.com
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  1. EarthlingEnamy says:

    Hah, WE are allready rooling the world… No1 cant stop us now. Maby you could at 1990, but now? ­čśÇ Satan is WHEREVER YOU LOOK.´╗┐

  2. emanuele713 says:


  3. vitoriavem says:

    the world is waking up!´╗┐

  4. mockow12 says:

    This isnt spam,why´╗┐ is it marked that.Anonymous are the good guys.

  5. mockow12 says:

    You’ll never win.The military´╗┐ ARE the people.We will make you wish there is a hell.

  6. Andrei Reznikov says:

    “Illuminati, You’ll Never Take Control. Your New World Order Will Lead´╗┐ To Not At All” remember that bitches. Anonymous Forever

  7. mockow12 says:


  8. james smithers says:

    Search “A Message from Anonymous to Ardmore, Oklahoma´╗┐ Police Department. Operation “Dox The Cops” Engaged.

  9. Wolfje777 says:

    anybody seen´╗┐ the german movie “die welle”?

  10. arnold935 says:

    Death to´╗┐ the illuminati!!!

  11. R3DGAT3RAIDCBX says:

    so the devil DOES control the world
    and INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS made contact
    3000+ years ago give´╗┐ devine law of love, his name is JHVH
    repent while you can, jesus is my savior

  12. TheKingVendetta says:

    Um. Guys, i have an important message. Me and my friends opened a group called Killuminati. If someone is able to contact Anonymous elite, please tell him that we are allies with you guys. Im ´╗┐ part of Anonymous also. Peace! ~King Vendetta

  13. TheKingVendetta says:

    =) ~King´╗┐ Vendetta

  14. mads19999 says:

    yup´╗┐ wellcome bro

  15. skinny123222 says:

    i´╗┐ believe that was George Carlin

  16. KrimsonTide29 says:

    Where’s that speech from? at´╗┐ the beginning

  17. TheKingVendetta says:

    If im against freemasonry and´╗┐ illuminati, im automatically in Anonymous? ~King Vendetta

  18. mads19999 says:

    then u are´╗┐ a part of them

  19. TheKingVendetta says:

    Umm, i want to join Anymous and be Elite, how can I join? ~King´╗┐ Vendetta

  20. ManuKey25 says:


  21. Tanlinax3 says:

    illumanti, u never take´╗┐ a troll

  22. KILLTHEORDER says:




  23. BACONxINATOR says:

    at 2:10 if i didnt know about anonymous´╗┐ then i would have been scared shitless if i waas on that train

  24. XxdoggyshitxX says:

    ure a joke if´╗┐ u dont care than why u watching this

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