Anjem Choudary vs. David Wood Debate: Would Sharia Help the West?

I recommend everyone to watch all David Wood’s debates with Muslims. Visit abn’s website here https://www.abnsat.com https://www.trinitychannel.com Anjem Cho…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jahannam says:

    Is that an ISIS flag?

  2. Islamisthecultofsin says:
  3. Ifs & Buts says:

    Why do people dignify this scum Choudary with conversation? Why has he
    become a celebrity of sorts?

  4. Cola Kroket says:

    David Wood is great!! Love him. From the Netherlands We beat Islam! First
    we must do is no Muslims in Europe. And a new president of the USA. Obama
    is worst president ever. He is a evil Muslim lover ! 

  5. filip s says:

    wait a moment… at 8:35 Mr. Choudary uses statistical sources about
    Does this mean that he agrees with the sources?
    DEAR MUSLIMS, do you understand what that mean?

  6. dametucartera says:

    Good video,Anjen Choudary got owned….

  7. Thechamp2000-0jesuschrist says:

    Chaudary is the true face of Islam, not the politically correct version we
    see here in America. We need see the true face because people are being
    deceived all over the west. And this politically correct saying that
    majority of Muslims are peaceful… Horse crap, peaceful in muslim
    country’s but in Europe where people are opposed to Islam it gets violent
    just draw a picture of MUHAMMAD and you will see

  8. Byron Shields says:

    7:20 notice he said priest were accuse of abusing little children notice he
    didnt say sexually molesting them but he said abuse…hmm i wonder why

  9. Wayne Beauregard says:

    Awesome job! Riveting! And Dana Carvey was a great referee.

  10. StevieHunterMan says:

    ‘Andy’ Choudary is a clown– a fraud– a joke. All he needs is some face
    paint and he can go find a job at the local circus.

  11. Luke Habimana says:

    Nice debate..David was amazing and won this debate easily. Facts are not on
    Ajems side

  12. Paul Schofield says:

    Thank you David, your light illuminates Civilisation’s greatest enemy.

  13. Jahannam says:

    Seriously? He thinks the moon landing was a sign of DECLINE!? Muslims are
    so backwards!

  14. Rey Rain says:

    David Wood is a bad mema jama LUV HIM 

  15. Man Blogs says:

    i love david! He’s so calm and confident

  16. Jerry Doekhi says:

    Thanks mr Wood 

  17. Christine Montgomery says:

    If “reporting rape” is not allowed, how can it then be used as a statistic?
    Women fear being condemned and blamed for their rapes, and get murdered to
    keep the family “honor”. Muslims, Catholics are not Christians, so stop
    comparing us. Further, understand ISLAM came from a Catholic Friar. This is
    where your beads came from, idols, dress of women is like nuns, etc, and
    isn’t it interesting, the Vatican now says any reports of child
    molestations need not be acknowledged? Wow, the simularitues are strikingly
    simular (same coin, on opposite sides), and now the Black Pope Francis aka
    False Prophet says Muslims, Jews & Catholics worship the same g-d – who btw
    is anti-messiah.

    Yeshua is Adon YHWH in flesh and His son born of a virgin, who died for all
    mans’ sins, and who died and rose from grave who sits on the right side of
    YHWH interceding in prayer for His obedient Holy Spirit filled servants; He
    is the only way to the forgiving, patient, loving Adon YHWH & salvation
    from Eternal Damnation.

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