Animal Parts

Kate looks through Charmaine’s closet for something to wear; Marshall needs relationship advice.

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  1. AthenakennedyTV says:

    I miss Lionel 🙁

  2. TheRandomamp says:

    Gee, thanks for the help sis. XD

  3. twigagawizard says:

    yeah i read that they already announced it i cant wait 😀

  4. uthunderilightning says:

    It was renewed instantaneously after the second season premiered, so yes. You bet your bottom dollar there will be!

  5. twigagawizard says:

    anyone know if there will be a season 3? cuz this is my favorite show ever!!!

  6. zmelon says:

    I love Marshall & Lionel!!! So cute together!!!

  7. VankoCons says:

    anyone knows the name of the song at the ending credits of this ep?

  8. deshun601 says:

    Wow just saw Ep.11 on tv
    I think Lionel and Marshall won’t last long Jason could come back and mess up Lionel faces.

    spoiler : Tara has new kind of old personality name Chicken and she is like 5 years old she form tara childhood. love her voice its like she really is 5 years old. lol I have a brother with DID he has a 3 year personality

  9. dishbitch says:

    LIONEL SUCKS! Ugh I hate that character. Marshall is being an idiot.

  10. Antonio Llanio says:

    Wow calm the hell down dude I don’t like Lionel much at all but maybe Marshall can make him better.

  11. DesmondBauer says:

    What the fuck? No. Never. Lionel is such a tool. Marshall’s actually a decent human being.

  12. continuo says:

    I hate Lionel. But I love my little Marsh-mallow!! 🙂 He deserves better. And Kate is just hilarious 🙂

  13. explodeyy says:

    Yes! Please let them. :)

  14. Antonio Llanio says:

    Poor Marshall 🙁 lol I hope him and Lionel finally kiss this ep!

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