Animal Magnetism, Penis Size, & Sperm

Animal Magnetism, Penis Size, & Sperm

Article by Georg von Neumann

While the origination of the term “Animal Magnetism” originally had a different definition, today it is mainly used as a term to refer to someone’s raw, sexual charm or attractiveness.

Most men have met women that just exude sexuality from every pore of their bodies. They have a sexual magnetism that is almost impossible to ignore. In some cases it might just be their eyes, lips, or legs. Whatever it is, it makes most men take a second or third glance and makes him feel great to be a red-blooded sexual man who can appreciate her magical attractiveness.

How does a man go about creating such animal magnetism? Getting in shape, taking care of oneself, and clothing (remember, “the uniform makes the man”) all play a role in increasing a man’s sexual magnetism. There are other methods, too.

A Spanish study took a group of men and they were analyzed by a group of women. The women knew nothing about the men, except what they looked liked fully-clothed. There was no interaction between the men and women. The women were then asked to rate which men were the most physically attractive.

After the women made their choices, scientists took sperm samples from the men and tested them for sperm quantity. The results were incredible: The men with the highest sperm quantity were the same men the women had chosen as the most attractive.

Clearly a man can increase his animal magnetism by increasing the quantity and quality of his sperm. For some unknown reason, there is a relation between attractiveness and sperm.

Penis size is also related to animal-magnetic attractiveness. 90% of women who were polled said if they met a man who they thought was attractive that they would examine his groin area to get an idea as to how big his penis might be. Clearly women find penis size to be a form of raw attractiveness. It’s why some men stuff a rolled up sock in their trousers to show off their bulge. This could be a problem, though, when he winds up in the bedroom.

Men who are “show-ers” have an advantage, then, over “grow-ers.” These terms relate to a man’s flaccid/erect state. The “show-ers” don’t get much bigger with an erection. The “grow-ers” get much bigger on erection.

Just as men will look at a woman’s breasts and imagine what they are like exposed, women seem to have the same tendency to imagine what a man is like exposed.

Increasing your animal magnetism, then, should be easy if you increase the quality and quantity of your sperm. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and increase your dietary intake of zinc. Doing these will increase your sperm health and number.

Increasing the size of your penis will also help with your animal magnetism. Through Natural Penis Enlargement this is possible. The increases in size affect both the size of the flaccid and erect penis.

Increasing your sexual-magnetic qualities is easy to do. One needs the correct information and the desire to increase their raw sexuality. Read IRON MAN PENIS to learn how.


Georg von Neumann

About the Author

Dr. von Neumann has spent 20 years in the medical field. After spending months in the former Soviet Union, he co-authored IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM with Igor Krynov, to help men get the most out of their sexual and enlargement potential.

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