Anik Singal Testimoanial

Anik Singal need fake testimoanials for the winning … here’s one.
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  1. matt543284732 says:

    I like the bit where the robot man talks about poo. Salty, you rock. The sheer breadth of your talent is, frankly, a little scary.

  2. lacunablu says:

    A very true delight of infinite bliss indeed! Go Salty, go!

  3. H3rkules says:

    This is a truly fantastic video!

  4. H3rkules says:

    Laughable! This is not about some one with Crohn’s disease (check your spelling next time) at all. But if I may so, if there is one sub-class of the human species that should suffer from it, it’s bullshit peddlers.

    Further, since when does a purported disease give someone an excuse to scam people? Just look at Sean Stephenson who is a cripple and yet rips off people. “OOhhh… but he’s in a wheel chair, he can’t be mean!” Hahahahahaha!

  5. Antikryst says:

    love it

  6. VidsInfo says:

    making fun of someone with crohnes disease? talk about a load of crap!

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