Andrei Kanchelskis Manchester United 94/95

All the goals from the 94/95 season from Andrei Kanchelskis. Edit: Missing goal against Norwich. Also available on my page.
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  1. SexyCrystalGayle says:

    He is vastly unheralded – man utd fans from the 90s who had seen him play at his peak know that he dribbles better than Beckham and scores more goals than Valencia.

  2. Витя Петевич says:

    Lobanovskyi master 

  3. germs123 says:

    advert on this… no way lol

  4. Роман Иванов says:

    Лобановского школа

  5. Jolan Ægirsson says:

    A magician!:D

  6. DLRFC1 says:

    he played for rangers ans was a ledgend standing on the ball because he said Sebastián Rozental was to small to see over the tall defenders lol

  7. NICKYG2X3WAXXXA says:

    yet another stunning video!! absolutelyt brutal!!!!!!!!!

  8. Zim Zimmer says:

    Hes sooo underrated, i used to love watching him. Great Player!

  9. justin azmil says:


  10. TheHistoryCrush says:

    beautiful, beautiful man!

  11. DannyLinux says:

    What about CR7 ?

  12. PeteManic says:

    Kanchelskis was the winger that never, ever passed the ball.

  13. Magerage20 says:

    how many of these goals are nutmegs??

  14. swiv2d says:

    One of my heroes for man u even though he only played for 2 seasons, he left a huge impression.

  15. rockinbillyboy says:

    Possibly their greatest ever team.

  16. rpravak says:

    Nope, not Russian. He is half Ukrainian and half Lithuanian.

  17. SuperDmitry1976 says:

    Andrei Kanchelskis, one of the brightest and most successful Russians footballers

  18. SuperDmitry1976 says:

    Andrei Kanchelskis, one of the brightest and most successful Russians footballers

  19. Zeid Khatib says:


  20. zimzima888 says:

    If Wayne rooney scored that first goal you would never hear the end of it in England. The likes of Gareth Crooks pulling him self off as he says the greatest goal ever scored by the greastest, most intelligent, most attractive(lol) super jesus the world has possibly ever seen gary!

  21. NoBrianNoGain says:

    Schmeichal, Parker, Pallister, Irwin, Bruce, Sharpe and Ince,
    Hughes, McClair, Keane and Cantona,
    Robson, Kanchelskis and Giggs!!

  22. Mihail Shangin says:

    now coach in the city of Ufa

  23. giueang says:

    che forte questo giocatore i’m italian

  24. grimleemer2 says:

    I wonder if some of those deflections were intentional

  25. GhibliFan1 says:

    The first United player I got star struck over…I loved the guy.

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