Analytics for Agencies #5 – GA for Display & Social Insight

This webinar will show you how to analyze online media channels that aren’t intended for direct response, such as Display and Social efforts. I’ll briefly cover how to ensure that you’re measuring these media channels effectively, and then apply the techniques from previous sessions to discover proxies for success. Just because a channel doesn’t convert directly doesn’t mean it didn’t have a positive impact, this webinar will help you make that case to your clients. Advanced features are used throughout the demonstrations in this video, so you may need to review the previous four sessions in the Analytics for Agencies series.

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  1. Herjoo1 says:

    great video series

  2. Herjoo1 says:

    great video series

  3. mumbairobin says:

    I am not able to view the complete video, it stopped after 26 mins and 34 secs.
    Please help!

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