An Uncensored Review Of Mark Hoverson – Another Online Guru Selling More Crap?

An Uncensored Review Of Mark Hoverson – Another Online Guru Selling More Crap?

Article by Jaime Soriano

If you stumbled upon this article, chances are you’re probably doing some research on Mark Hoverson. Maybe you’re thinking about purchasing one of his products. Maybe you’re thinking about joining his program. Before you shell out any money to him, go ahead and read this entire review so you’re more equipped to make an educated decision about him.

First Things First, Who Is Mark Hoverson Anyway?

Over the last couple of years, Mark has made a name for himself in the online direct sales niche. He’s been a top producer with Global Resorts Network and more recently has become a company owner. He’s created several of his own products and just a few months ago he launched his ‘Irresistable Info Marketing Blueprint’. I’m not sure how much money he actually makes but I’m pretty sure it’s A LOT. Just with his ‘Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint’, he made well over six figures in a few days time. Now, you’re probably thinking Mark was a natural and he was always successful. But nothing can be further from the truth.

When Mark got started in the industry, he was dead broke. He was living in a trailer and barely scraping by. He had to buy an old and used computer to get his business going and spent a lot of time calling friends and family. Needless to say, he was completely struggling.

It was not until he met trainer Jeffrey Combs that things started to turn around. Combs took some time to teach him the concepts of Attraction Marketing and generating leads through online marketing systems. In short order, Mark started to get results. Through his marketing efforts he started to get people who wanted more information to call him, instead of him chasing people to pitch them.

Over the last few years, Mark has reached incredible heights in the online direct sales arena. He’s broken multiple records and has made over 0,000 in one month. He’s launched some very popular products and is a sought out success trainer. Recently, he spoke at the ‘No Excuses Summit 2’ and is scheduled to be one of the featured speakers at My Lead System Pro’s ‘Live The Dream 2’ event. He’s become so good that he now is a part-owner of the Direct Sales company he was a top producer in. Not a lot of people can say that.

Overall, What Is My Opinion Of Mark Hoverson?

In summary, I think Mark is probably one of the best marketers out right now. He has an incredible amount of knowledge on many subjects including leadership, marketing, direct response marketing, attraction marketing and sales psychology. If you can purchase any of his products, I suggest you do. You’ll be glad you did.

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Mark Hoverson exploded his business after he learned how to leverage Attraction Marketing. Click here for a full and unbiased Mark Hoverson Review

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