An NLP Technique For Building Rapport and Influence

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  1. red8170 says:

    Yes I’ve heard of this before.

  2. PhilEmanS says:


  3. moon18559 says:

    Hei There, i really like the video, is it possible, if you can upload a a real conversation video in building rapport, like question which is not likely to be personal question, How to start a conversation, in order to crack sales,

  4. HellerVali says:

    U’re smoking hot…:P

  5. GeckoStreetMagic says:

    Thx for the tipps.


  6. lorenzzi says:

    Its fucking easy to generate rapport when you are a hot redhead.

  7. TheBrucero says:

    too much talking,

  8. stanielly2 says:

    I love you. 😀

  9. aknipe106 says:

    Red heads are either really hot, or REALLY not.

  10. Katrinavanoudheusden says:

    Always enlightening to hear from you. Thank you for being a great leader in online marketing. ~

  11. packleader1215 says:

    like the personality types

  12. radiatr99 says:

    You want to ideally meet them halfway. Create some rapport but also do break rapports on purpose after a while. Your calibration gets better with trial and error. It’s called Pacing and leading. You want to mirror their bodylanguage first. Then they are more susceptible to your suggestions based on the fact that you are “the same”.

    So mirror, then lead.

  13. radiatr99 says:

    NLP still makes use body language

  14. dexmoire says:

    Redheads are adorable.

  15. gabes80 says:

    Wow. Great video. Tell me you’re Jewish and single too?

  16. bookingselect says:

    Excellent 🙂 It s called NLP if I’m not wrong…

  17. GideonShalwick says:

    Hey Katie

    Which is better? If people copy you with their body language? Or if you copy their body language?

    Gideon Shalwick

  18. 909vargas says:

    cool subject katie, thanks for video:)

  19. PsionicX1 says:

    I am familiar with nlp concepts and the idea of matching and mirroring. I myself take a different approach to acheiving rapport: I simply make the decision to be in rapport. Its a subconscious method I use to simply “know” what is required for a specific result, in this case influence and persuasion. I simply command my subconscious mind to give me what I need for any specific situation. It knows precisely whats I need to say or do to achieve the results I want. Works great for me.

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