An Instant Mindset Shift That Works Like Magic

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  1. lotustarotblossom says:

    I’ve actually noticed positive changes in digestion and overall health just by being very actively engaged in that moment for the majority of the day. The second it is not for the majority of the day of being very engaged, quickly retort back.

  2. chachaburrito says:

    There is no such thing as an instant mindset. You must seek truth and once you know it, your perception of life slowly changes and eventually your actions will too. Google ‘truth contest’ click the top result, then open and read ‘The Present’ for the truth about life and death.

  3. PhilEmanS says:

    snappi snap snap snap (-:

  4. Natasha193 says:

    bringin’ it back to the center 🙂

  5. TheSlimkitten says:

    Spiritual chicanery.

  6. svehex says:

    I see this power every day, when I shift the focus off my chronic pain and onto something nicer 🙂

  7. waringpriestfilms says:

    You should read a book called Drawing with the Right Side of the brain. What you’re talking about is called the R Shift to the creative, intuitive part of the brain.

  8. avedic says:

    *snap* lol
    you are beautiful and your passion is infectious. love what you’re doing!

  9. secret3secret3 says:

    Getting in the ,,Zone” is not really that easy, for some people who have lower focus power …..the power of mind foucs must be harness

  10. humanyoda says:

    @Justanopinion101 I am familiar with Lipton’s work. I find that he talks much more than what he can use in his life. I don’t like lack of congruency between words and actions.

    By the way, I wasn’t talking about that issue in general. I was talking specifically about what Katie talked about.

  11. findingshelter99 says:

    The rest of us would call that a distraction, but if you wanna call it a “instant mindset shift” then by all means, go nuts.

  12. lejazzetmoi says:

    wannabee guru

  13. davebyword says:

    This “trick” is subservient to the power of the mind. If ones mind is weak, then it cannot produce the control they may desire. It pays to have a strong mind! I raise a glass t’ya! The persuit of a multi-neurotransmitter serum to empower particular nervous pathways intrigues me, and I will burn every bridge in persuit of my dreams. The sound of the harp remains the secret ingredient to the enchanted kettles brew, yet it remains unknown for all its enchantment. Live the dream!


    Can this trick work when being interrogated by rogue government elements?

  15. maxthepyro says:

    u like snapping your fingers dont you?

  16. humanyoda says:

    You asked for a dialog — here it is. I think you are deluding yourself about the mind-over-matter. Hopefully, it is possible, but it didn’t happen in your case. The temperature you described as freezing wasn’t such. That was just a perception of somebody who is used to higher temps. Try focusing on a conversation at -60 Celsius! You’ll probably be dead in a few minutes.

    And walking on hot coal doesn’t require any special focusing. Find a report by an ABC producer John Stossel on firewalk.

  17. brianstacync1 says:

    can you do some videos naked?

  18. MrJckooler says:

    Like the finger snap for replacement of LSL

  19. Disneyu says:

    soccer practice. Being forced by a crazy coach to run continuously for half an hour. Feeling like utter crap, want to die….”(WHISTLE) Line up for scrimmage!” Suddenly, tiredness is forgotten and everyone is sprinting after the ball.

  20. WideVisionGP says:

    Thanks for posting, Katie! Wonderful video!

  21. jcampb111 says:

    Whenever I play music, I feel just like you did. Everything I was worrying about is pushed out of my mind, and I’m focused on what I really love doing. Thanks for sharing your experience, very inspiring!

  22. Kelvin702 says:

    I’m not only appreciative of the incite you shared with us, I’m also jealous quite honestly. I want to go to Tony Robbins UPW too! lol! I have friends who’ve gone through the Firewalk and board breaking experiences, also and they’ve never been the same since. 🙂

  23. ginlai7569 says:

    Awesome,Katie.The shifting focus is the same like when you change the gears while you are driving a car.We can have more than we`ve got because we can become more than we are.

  24. pirateblarny says:

    I don’t want nothin. That’s my shift.

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