Amazing Story Of Michelle Alpha!

Amazing Story Of Michelle Alpha!

Article by Lee

If you landed on this page, you’re probably wanting to get a review of Michelle Alpha. Maybe you heard about her being some “facebook queen” or what not and you chose to do your research and go over to your good friend “GOOGLE” to see exactly what other folks have to say of this Michelle Alpha person. Well here’s what many people don’t know about her….

Story Of Michelle Alpha

Michelle Alpha is an entrepreneur in the mlm arena. Although she’s created some extraordinary results in just over one year in this industry, the truth is that it wasn’t always easy. As a matter fact, like most successful entrepreneurs, she absolutely had her fair share of struggles. Starting off in her business, she tried doing things the same old way: pitching friends and family, spaming people’s walls on Facebook, buying leads. All this with little success. She then found a mentor that truly helped her figure a couple of things. She began to have some success in that business, but then together they joined another business called Global Resorts Network with Mark Hoverson, who’s a successful 8-figure online marketer. She started to really try building her business online however it was difficult at first and she got stuck trying to learn everything at once, jumping from guru list to guru list, getting caught up for months with information overload. However, she ultimately broke out of the funk, started being focused on becoming a master and expert in ONE method, and she was able to finally crack the code. Michelle Alpha was able to make a 6-figure income in just 6 months and work FULLY from home. She was even in a position to retire her husband from his full-time corporate job and she now enjoys all her time with her family.

Michelle Alpha Secrets

Now how did she do it? What the heck is Michelle Alpha’s “SECRET TO SUCCESS” formula? Now I’ll tell you one thing. A lot of people always wonder what that “magic potion” or that “secret thing” is that allows people to be successful. However I don’t see it that way. First of all, she made a decision to take ACTION! She joined a business and got to work. But that’s not all. Many people will give up or quit once they reach obstacles. They begin doubting their ability of becoming successful and just like that, they throw in the towel. But not her. She kept pushing, she kept persevering, she DID NOT GIVE UP!

Do you know what else Michelle Alpha did? She humbled herself and found a mentor who could show her the way. Many people will decide that they can just figure it all out by themselves and that’s when disaster strikes. When you have a mentor who has gone through the journey and has succeeded, it is very important for you to learn from that individual and follow directions. Don’t try to challenge him or her. Pay attention and learn, which is something she did. Having a 7 or 8 figure earner as a mentor really can help you get to where you want to get to a lot faster.

But it didn’t stop there. Michelle Alpha REALLY decided to go out and mastered ONE marketing strategy: Facebook! She did the unthinkable. She did the impossible. When people told her to just stop trying with Facebook, she kept going. When she got her ads rejected, she kept going. She fought the good fight, she endured the battle, and she ended up winning the war! Today, she’s got weeks where she makes over ,000 dollars JUST on Facebook and she’s really became an expert at it. For the record my friend, MICHELLE ALPHA IS THE FACEBOOK QUEEN!!!! K in a single week, not month! But not just that she’s become a real leader inside this industry although she’s only been in for a little over a year. I met her at a live event and she’s really down to earth, friendly, and cool to hang out with. If I were you, I’d pay attention to whatever she has to say and do whatever she tells you to do, ESPECIALLY on FACEBOOK!

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