Amazing Story Of Katie Freiling!

Amazing Story Of Katie Freiling!

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If you’re looking for a quick Katie Freiling review, then you’re in the right spot. In this article, I’ll simply explain some info on Katie Freiling that perhaps you never heard of, what she is about, and if she’s a leader or not. You’ll want to continue reading all the way up until the end, cause I’m going to expose some “SECRETS” that many don’t really know about her.

So Who Is Katie Freiling?

Katie Freiling is an entrepreneur in the multi-level marketing arena and is also an internet marketer. She is an authority in social media marketing and personal development. She’s got a huge following on some social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube. She’s also a speaker, coach, and mentor. But things weren’t always like that for Katie.

As a matter fact, she tells her story on how she encountered numerous battles before getting to the top. She was the oldest of 6 kids living in So.Cal. She experienced insecurity issues growing up in middle school, and high school. In college, she had trouble really knowing what she wanted to do, switching majors four times. She also got involved with partying & alcohol which kinda held her back.

Katie Freiling Review Continues

Later she got into real estate, but she was hit with one of the most severe real-estate booms in history (many may have heard this, late 2007). She lost her investments, wound up k dollars in debt, was left with nothing, miserable, and stressed out. Nevertheless, she did some soul searching and opted to join multi-level marketing. Even though things weren’t simple for her there too in the beginning, she never gave up and she became a better marketer. She integrated internet marketing to her strategy, came across some mentors, and simply blew up, LITERALLY! Right now, she has her very own membership website called the Unified Tribe, she has her own blogging program, she very easily banks in multiple 6-figures each year, and she just loves to help other people. (Continue reading till the end of this Katie Freiling review, for the secrets!)

Ok, How The Heck Did Katie Freiling Do That?

Well the moment she discovered her TRUE passion, she managed to concentrate on that when doing internet marketing. For her, it was social media. She started out using platforms like YouTube, creating videos on self improvement, being true, and having an interest in others. It wasn’t easy at first but she kept going, and going, and just got better. Subsequently, people were finding her videos, sharing them, and wanted to join her business.

On Facebook also, she grew a huge following. Her friends page got maxed out, lol, so she had to get a facebook fan page. On twitter, she has a large following as well. She used her true passion, put it out to the world, and people resonated with her. Its that simple! Social media these days can be the path to financial freedom! Plus, all of her advertising was FREE! With social media, its possible. Just be yourself and your stuff can possibly go viral. And btw, the fact that she recently banked in over 0K in ONE YEAR with FREE social media traffic is pretty IMPRESSIVE!!

Katie Freiling Secrets Exposed!

As stated earlier in this Katie Freiling review, I promised the SECRETS. Well, the SECRET for Katie’s Massive success is this: Katie Freiling used attraction marketing to brand herself on-line, and she had a COACH & MENTOR! When people decide to join multi-level marketing, direct sales, or become an online marketer, its quite easy to get confused and frustrated. You might come online and just be browsing everywhere not understanding what you’re doing, and the next thing you know you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and just want to give up. Or you may perhaps be in a company and then your upline is not accessible and doesn’t help out.

Every successful person I know has had a helping hand, someone who has walked the path before them and can show you ways to avoid some stumbling blocks, and help you with a DIRECT successful plan. But social media marketing as well was a powerful vehicle to her success. I mean, what folks can do and accomplish just on FACEBOOK these days is incredible. And so I think one of the simplest ways for anybody to achieve success like Katie Freiling did is to:

1. Uncover your TRUE passion.

2. Find a Coach, Mentor, or join a Mastermind Team!

3. Run with it, and stop at NOTHING until you achieve your goals!

To conclude this Katie Freiling review, YOU my friend can have success just like she did. You just have to stick with whatever you’re doing, NEVER, EVER let anybody tell you that you can’t make it, and keep working at it until the end!

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