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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. cloudz09 says:

    thats fucked up that he used an old blair pic thats really not right

  2. jazzy4414 says:

    the fact that you listen to Austin Mahone makes you 10x hotter

  3. abbey neal says:


  4. Danielle Avila says:

    You can actually by tootsie pops that have a counting meter on them(:

  5. DallasDanimals says:

    I tested it a long time ago. It was 155 I think. 😀

  6. AGluverz says:

    yes. sadly

  7. Izmad45 says:

    i love brandon

  8. SIKEEOO says:

    you know austin mahone?

  9. haircrazedlovely says:

    He and blair looked great together…to bad they broke up… :/

  10. xxxNailPolishLoverxx says:

    I’m glad he broke up with Blair

  11. Bethany Turner says:

    By our friend became very cute when he said 6’5!!!!

  12. sjwx31 says:

    The guy with the hat reminds me of marshall from how i met Your mother

  13. Mebesammkeith says:

    nice singing <3

  14. Scott parkins says:

    Is he high?

  15. myloveinbeauty says:

    your fucking hot omfg

  16. SavannaStyleGlam says:

    My mom said “Savanna, stop being sexual.  Your too young. I don’t know how many licks. Just ask Siri.”

  17. Vlada Kay says:

    Makes sense since he’s gay.

  18. BlUeStAr485 says:

    Your friend is cute

  19. Tavnit Sandhu says:

    Blair!!!!!! R U CRAZy?

  20. Tavnit Sandhu says:


  21. ItalianFabiLUVSbgcv says:

    U AND BLAIR BROKE UP?!?!?!! that totally just made me almost cry…..don’t lie u know u still love her

  22. DeryaLoveYou says:

    that is way too personal. I don’t know why you need to know, its none of your business. If he felt comfortable answering this question, he would’ve already.

  23. PriscillaAnimations says:

    6:14 heck yes!!!

  24. SuangyLaLaLimLim says:

    2:10 FFFF HAHAHA lollllll snort…

  25. mary jane says:

    i will flirt with if you talked to me

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