AM I ASIAN??? (Ask Shimmy #1)

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  1. 25skynight says:

    oh man your so´╗┐ cool.

  2. quincywho says:

    hahah what the hellllll people´╗┐ askk wierd ass questions! Tounges on your butt?

  3. whydafudge03 says:

    me..me no engrish…no engrish…´╗┐

  4. whydafudge03 says:

    me no english….me no´╗┐ english LOL!!!

  5. InsomniaZombeh says:

    At 4:02 you actually look´╗┐ asian

  6. xoxluckycharmsx says:

    I´╗┐ KNOW JASMINE!!!!

  7. Stardoee says:

    Shimmy, how did you make the questions pop up on the screen?´╗┐

  8. RaymondLovesFire says:

    @babyferfermorgo im pretty sure ull be called afican canadian. and if u want to ask him´╗┐ questions, follow him on twitter or like him on facebook

  9. snugglemuffin7 says:

    i´╗┐ hate your questions man XD

  10. babyferfermorgo says:

    my question:
    if´╗┐ you’re african and you live in canada, would you still be called african american or african canadian?!

  11. ImpaledGnomes says:

    You are´╗┐ fucking sexy i am guy

  12. ieatshyuu7888 says:

    im white and i have an asian hairstyle ­čśÇ its awesome :D´╗┐

  13. LoverMusify says:

    i love your sarcasm!!!! ITS´╗┐ AWESOME!! ITS ALSO MY 3RD LANGUAGE !

  14. RenaissanceEffy says:

    you sound really irritated by all the question ppl tend to ask!
    but´╗┐ still you’re right and awesome at: 2:18

  15. jasonmage says:

    Wouldn’t it´╗┐ be African and Caucasian hair.

  16. alisonrosexx says:

    ‘no engwish’ HAHAHAHA OMG´╗┐ dead

  17. 21Uyguangco13 says:

    Wow no likes and no dislikes´╗┐ thats a first

  18. KawaiiIchigoKitty says:

    He looks he listens to visual´╗┐ kei.

  19. Lynalily001 says:

    I KEPT REPLAYING´╗┐ BACK AT 3.26 :33

  20. WomanXXXX says:

    AHHAAAA´╗┐ SUPER !!!!

  21. 7351287 says:

    Shimmy´╗┐ if you could move anywhere in the world where would you move to?

  22. LonelyBaichiMissYou says:

    Stupid´╗┐ people asking stupid questions . LOLOL

  23. kingofhell121 says:

    actually the color orange is named after the fruit o.o´╗┐

  24. itsJesseandJeminha says:

    why do asian people always shove their ethnicity in your face constantly. i know youre proud and all but do you see everyone else going, im so white, im so black etc, etc god´╗┐ its so annoying -_-

  25. itsJesseandJeminha says:

    why do´╗┐ asian people always shove their ethnicity in your face constantly. i know youre proud and all but do you see everyone else going, im so white, im so black, im so brazilian. god its so annoying -_-

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